Mike McCaul set to engage on TSA issues

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    Politico: Mike McCaul set to engage on TSA issues

    Congress’s next Homeland Security Committee chairman is determined to explore further privatization of the Transportation Security Administration, work on its beleaguered image and avoid internal squabbles among committees trying to get a crack at the agency.

    Rep. Mike McCaul (R-Texas) said he hopes to sidestep situations like Thursday’s Transportation and Infrastructure hearing on how TSA regulations effect the “aviation passenger experience” — a hearing not a single representative of the agency will attend. TSA said the transportation committee has “no jurisdiction” on the matter, flatly stating it would “continue to work with its committees of jurisdiction.” A T&I spokesman asserted that list should include Chairman John Mica’s panel.

    Perhaps bad news:

    McCaul hopes to steer clear of public spats over TSA, a regular in the congressional spotlight ...

    Good news:

    McCaul suggested T&I will indeed have “pieces” of TSA oversight in the next Congress and plans to assign a full-time staffer to work out committee jurisdiction.
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    Unfortunately, he's apparently uninterested in having either Pistole or the scanners gone:

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    I wasn't thrilled with Rogers but thought he'd be better than King. McCaul will be no better and almost certainly never flies commercial and doesn't have to deal with TSA. He'll be beating the fear monger drum now that he is in charge.

    This information from another story.

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