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    There's been a tendency by some posters to provide just a link and a very cursory comment. This type of post really isn't useful in the long-term. News sites often "stale" stories after a certain time, either moving them to their paid archives or simply removing them. That leaves us with no story at all.

    There should be enough information in the post that a reader can get the story without following the link. If you can't accomplish that within our copyright limits, paraphrase in your own words or seek additional sources to quote.

    Additionally, to help search engines find their way into TUG, all posts should always include (as much as practical) the names of law enforcement officers & agencies, the names of TSA "officers", and the names of victims.

    Videos (YouTube/Vimeo/Facebook) should always be embedded in our posts -- zero copyright issues there since the content remains on the host sites, and it is the host sites that actually provides the embedding code.
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  2. Mike

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    It appears that a small number of people need a reminder about this:

    Posts that consists only of links with no context or commentary risk being deleted.
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    Another area that needs some occasional improvement is the thread title.

    A thread title should describe the thread in sufficient detail that someone looking for the thread has a good chance of finding based just on the title.

    The thread title is not a place for an expression of your feelings, at the expense of the description of the thread itself. Save that for the thread itself, after the reader actually knows what is being discussed.
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    We're going to start moving threads that don't meat minimum expectations into the moderation queue. Anything that's still in the moderation queue after a week will be deleted.

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