Arrested TSA Employee Miss. TSA official Ruben Orlando Benitez charged in fatal stabbing [convicted, sentenced to life]

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  1. THawk996

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    Ruben Orlando Benitez.jpeg
    Ruben Orlando Benitez​

    Miss. TSA official charged in fatal stabbing

    (Edited to included arrested person's name.)
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  2. THawk996

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  3. Elizabeth Conley

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    Anybody surprised?
  4. Cartoon Peril

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    Nobody has been convicted of anything yet.
  5. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    So? We'll leave it to the newspapers to worked in "alleged" every 4 or 5 words.

    He's a thug who shares the responsibility for hiring & managing other local thugs.

    Not a surprise at all.

    Perhaps if the Justice Dept. weren't so busy consuming $16 muffins & coffee @ $1/ounce, they could get more of these thugs out of the airports and off the streets.
  6. Fisher1949

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    If this is the level of background checking they are doing for FSDs how many criminals haunt the checkpoints?
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  7. KrazyKat

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  8. Caradoc

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    That's easy. Count the number of TSA security badges present. It's now obvious that counting only the blue shirts will come up short.
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  9. Affection

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    You can't make this stuff up. A TSA assistant federal security director (FSD) stabbed and killed a lower female TSA employee. FSD is one of the highest ranks within the TSA, probably 2 steps below TSA Administrator John Pistole. When you allow people to break some of the rules (like the 4th Amendment), they think they can get away with breaking them all.

    What a disgusting organization. Of course, this guy was just one bad apple... in a pile of rotten fruit.
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  10. Affection

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    Oops, I see this is already posted in the more appropriate forum. Feel free to delete. BTW we should merge forums... ;)

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  11. nachtnebel

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    There are 60,000 of these security holes running loose inside the airport sensitive areas unsupervised and unscreened, free to do damage or allow massive amounts of damaging things to get through, yet they want to feel under *your* testicles and feel over your wife's labia and breasts for micro sh*t.
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  12. Fisher1949

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    I'm wondering what they will do to top this one. Seems that every incident gets substantially worse than the one before. I've predicted that there will be 70 screeners arrested in 2011 but really wouldn't have guessed that murder would be in the mix.
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  13. AngryMiller

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    I thought that TSA would kill someone and that it would happen at a checkpoint. Hmmmm. Still think they will wind up doing that and soon.

    For the TSO who was 'involved' with her boss? You don't get your meat where you get your bread. There is a reason grocery stores keep those two products separated.:D

    As to why he stabbed her? Perhaps she rubbed him the wrong way one time too many. :eek::rolleyes:

    They hire the dregs of society to fill positions of responsibility when it has been proven that they cavort with liars, theives, perverts and now murders.
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  14. AngryMiller

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    Lol it will come out that a high ranking TSA employee has been copying then selling all of TSA's SSI documentation to a person who is a known terrorist.
  15. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    Why does my brain keep interpreting the thread title as suggesting that an official in the Miss TSA contest was charged in a stabbing? What an ugly thought.

    Next up will be a Playboy layout on "Girls of TSA". :td:
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  16. Caradoc

    Caradoc Original Member

    I'd sooner look at a "People of Wal-Mart" pin-up calendar.

    Mostly because even those TSA employees who're physically attractive have ugly souls (assuming they have one at all). It's part of the job requirements. Like that erstwhile Avon bimbo with the TSA side job... Or was it the other way around?
  17. Elizabeth Conley

    Elizabeth Conley Original Member

    Too funny. Spank you very much. That's my chortle of the day.
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  18. CelticWhisper

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    Would they title it "Bad Eggs"?
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  19. rockon

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    He encountered 'resistance'? :td:
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  20. Mike

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    Apparently he was one of TSA's brighter bulbs at O'Hare before he was promoted & transferred to Louisiana ....

    Chicago Sun Times: Former TSA manager at O’Hare charged with murder in Mississippi


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