Mission Creep: TSA now responds to domestic assault issues [DIA]

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    It's really unacceptable that the rest of the plane (up to 136 other passengers on a WN 737) were held on the plane for an hour while all these turkeys conducted their "investigation". How many passengers misconnected? How may passengers incurred added expenses or lost prepaid because of this? How many "trips in vain" resulted?

    Denver Channel: Police, FBI, TSA respond to domestic violence report on Southwest flight from Las Vegas to DIA

    Denver police, FBI and TSA agents were called to gate C48 at Denver International Airport early Thursday morning. There was a report of possible domestic violence on Southwest flight 382, according to airport spokeswoman Laura Coale. Coale said passengers had to stay on the flight for about an hour while everyone was questioned.

    Southwest Airlines spokesman Chris Mainz said the airline asked law enforcement to meet the plane and turned the passenger over to authorities. Denver Police told 7NEWS when they spoke with the passenger, they determined he had an outstanding warrant. The man was arrested on that warrant, police spokesman Aaron Kafer said.

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