Miyamae May Be Fined by TSA

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Lisa Simeone, Sep 5, 2011.

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    It is unacceptable behavior in polite society to crowd someone's personal space. This large female TSA crowded the diminutive passenger's space, leading the intrusion into Ms. Miyamae's personal space with her upper body. She gave no warning and Ms. Miyamae's reflexive action (even more understandable, given the frightening and stressful position she was in) was to put up her hands in a defensive manner.

    Human nature - someone comes too close, too suddenly, you throw up your hands in self-defense.

    I had an office mate for many years. Good woman, hard worker. She was um... very very endowed in the upper body. (Yes, over the years I learned more than I ever wanted to about the 'sisters' and the difficulties she encountered in armoring and supporting them).

    I can't help but think of that office mate when I first read this. She (office mate) routinely used her assets to invade folks' personal space. Example: folks crowded around a doorway to see something inside. Everyone else stands on tip-toe or waits their turn. She would walk up and start leaning her chest into an elbow. Same reaction every time - person feels personal space being invaded, turns to scowl at pushy person, sees a boob or two in contact with his/her elbow and immediately pulls back.

    I've seen her back down aggressive male supervisors by subtly invading their personal space with her chest. Unlike some women I've seen do this, she openly laughed about her technique and how successful it is. I'm not suggesting this TSO uses her build in the same way, but I think she was behaving (consciously or unconsciously) like a bully, propped up by all the other 'big' men surrounding this small woman.

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