MMW Issues-54% False Positive Rate

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by RB, Dec 26, 2011.

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    I was just going to post 'and where have we heard this before?' I know that TSA doesn't care about 'rest of world', but really, they need to stop being so ignorant. The amount of money wasted on this is just appalling. I realise that it is making work for people, many of whom could not most likely easily find a job otherwise, but at what cost?

    Lisa, I have posted many (many) links here and on FT since the scanner test begun and was ended in Germany, if you are ever looking for them. A quick search of my user name will most likely bring up links in German and my translations of those links.
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    So when do the scanners leave?

    One type can't hit the side of a barn and the other will kill us. Both invade our privacy.

    How long did it take for the high maintenance puffer machines to come and go?
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    From NBC:
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    >Critics say the TSA wasted $30 million in a rush to put untested technology into service instead of doing the necessary research.

    I'm shocked I tell you, shocked.
  8. Lisa Simeone

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    Hey, what happened to Cartoon Peril? Haven't heard from him in a while.
  9. RB

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    It's TSA, how can it be any thing other than ignorant?
  10. barbell

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    I have said all along that these stupid scanners are probably going to be around for about 3 or 4 years. We're 1 down, 2 or 3 to go.

    I'm a "better the devil you know than the one you don't" kind of dood, so if this was their latest hair brained scheme, I can't even imagine what's next.
  11. nachtnebel

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    I'm not sure TSA is going to repeat the scanner crap or anything like it. They got and are getting their *sses handed to them because of the scanners and the gratuitous passenger goosing. I think they're looking for a way to extricate themselves from the sh*tpile they stepped in, personally. They tried something, got punched in the nose, and are not looking for a repeat, just IMHO.
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  12. I hope you're right.
  13. RB

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    I'm afraid that TSA is so politically heavily invested in the Strip Search Machines that they will stay in services regardless of whether they work or not, at least as long as idiot Pistole is part of TSA.
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  14. Caradoc

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    Not to mention the hordes of mouth-breathers doing his bidding - namely, every one of the thieves, rapists, and slack-jawed morons who take a paycheck from the TSA.
  15. nachtnebel

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    with any luck, a year more at most.
  16. FaustsAccountant

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    Considering their track record of late where they simply deny everything with tooth and nail, combined with the financial investment, I don't think they machines are going away soon.
    Let's all hope I'm wrong, but....
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  17. Mike

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    I wouldn't give Pissy credit for being that perceptive. He's just too damned dense.

    Pissy & TSA will continue full speed ahead until somebody takes a 2x4 and beats some sense into their collective head.
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  18. TravelnMedic

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    No im hoping is more like a 230 gr 45ACP +P round speeding out of a Colt1911A1 straight for the head! Hits like a freight train and makes a massive mess that will leave a impression and be a lesson to others...This is what happens when you commit crimes against the consitution.

    If done often enough the point will get taken and this :trash: will stop
  19. Mike

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    Fortunately we don't solve our problems that way here, so it takes a while longer to get satisfaction. However, if you could send him to Northern Ireland, they do have a special way of using bullets there, generally in pairs.
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    OK, I'm dense. The puffers were put out to pasture a long time ago - what is the point of this article?

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