Mobile Produces Best TSA Employees

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    :vomit:bag alert -- have it handy!

    Local 15 TV: Mobile Produces Best TSA Employees

    Bishop State Community College is offering a special program to help TSA agents become better employees.

    From the "no :trash:, Jose, I could have told you that" department:

    Transportation and Safety Administration agents are responsible for the safety of millions of passengers every year, yet studies show some have little education.

    It took "studies" to figure that out?

    "Nationally, it's been reported they have the lowest education among some of the employees at the airport. So, this program is very important because they're becoming more educated," said Bishop State President Dr. James Lowe.


    Get that bag open & ready!

    "They combine both world class customer service with world class security, and they take that mission to heart," said Linkins.


    Sorry, I just couldn't keep it down.
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    Who has the barf bag concession? You're going to be rich,!
  3. Umm, shouldn't their basic TSA training give them everything they need to know about security procedures, explosives, and IED's? Should they really be manning checkpoints without this enhanced knowledge to begin with?
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    I feel obligated to hand them out free as a public service. It too many people refused to buy them, it could get really message around here.

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