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Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Molested Passenger, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. Molested Passenger

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    I was molested by TSA at BWI last night (Friday 23 Sept 2011).

    I chose the wrong line; it had a porno-scanner. I couldn't see it, because it was around a corner, and shrouded. Late on Friday night, it was extremely busy, but they were still making everybody go through the porno-scanners. Even little children were forced through the porno-scanners, and their parents were complicit in this manufacture of kiddie-porn. I opted out, not because I didn't want naked images of me made, but because I did not want to increase my risk for skin cancer.

    I easily passed through the metal detector. I was wearing an athletic cup, just in case I would be selected for a gate-rape/groping/molestation. Because I opted out of the porno-scanner, I was punished with the gate-rape/groping/molestation. I opted for the public groping, in order for the abuse to be filmed by any cameras in the area.

    As soon as the TSA molester felt the cup, he was at a loss for words. He didn't even know how to describe what he felt. After several embarrassing seconds (it seemed like forever), I told him I was wearing an athletic cup. He then insisted upon going to a private screening area.

    I told him I would be willing to take off my pants and my athletic cup, in order that he could see that there was no contraband, but I did not want him groping nor fondling my genitals or anus. I explicitly used graphic language (I told him I did not want my testicles to be injured); the TSA agents refused to use anatomically correct language -- they insisted upon using euphemisms, or fell back to silence instead of specifying human anatomy. The TSA agents would not even use vulgar terms like "balls" or "dick" or "(expletive deleted)".

    While in the private screening area -- which had no cameras as far as I could tell -- I removed my pants, and then the athletic cup. I told them I would also remove my underpants, so he could see everything, but I did not want him groping or molesting my testicles or penis or anus. I specifically told him I did not want my testicles to be injured. He insisted that I put my pants back on. I thought we were through, because he could already see that I had no contraband, but then he insisted upon performing the groping and molestation.

    The first time he slid his hands up my left inner thigh, he rammed them into my testicles, causing pain, and I winced and jumped. His reaction was that "he had to do this", or I could not get onto the airplane. He *had* to molest me. I very seriously considered renting a car and driving for 15 hours instead.

    Upon me agreeing to continue, he was much more cautious. Henceforth, he did not come anywhere near my testicles or anus. If I had been hiding a bomb in my underwear, he would not have been able to discover it. But it was still most incredibly unpleasant. It was still molestation. It was still assault. I was still violated, against my will.

    After the molestation, he did a complete search of my bag, *and* sent it through the X-ray one more time. While he was doing this, the TSA observer said to me, "I wouldn't call this groping". I told him that even if he personally did not create the policy, it was still *immoral*. The TSA observer was at a loss for words, and clearly had nothing to say. He *knew* it was immoral and abusive.

    TSA must be abolished. They have not found even one terrorist, and if I was a terrorist, they would not have discovered it. To actually discover terrorists in this manner, they must be much more invasive and immoral than they already are -- and even what they are doing now is unacceptable.

    High level authorities in the TSA must be put on trial for assault, groping, molestation, and sex crimes. They have created the policy, purposely and with intent, which causes their subordinate agents to assault and molest airline passengers.

    The TSA agents who molested me, and who witnessed the molestation, clearly did not want to be engaged in that activity; they appeared to have at least a shred of human dignity remaining. But they complied, just as if they were in a Milgram experiment. They still molested me, and witnessed the molestation. They violated me personally. They violated my 4th amendment rights. They violated basic human dignity.

    The fact that my molesters were at such a loss for words as to their actual behavior gives me hope. Most TSA agents merely want to keep their job. But the fact that they were willing to actually molest me in order to do so is quite depressing. They appeared to know that their job was farcical. They appeared to have some empathy for me. But they still molested me.

    The clear aim of the TSA is to punish and humiliate and grope and molest passengers. It would have been punishment and humiliation enough for them to have seen my naked genitals, but they insisted upon going further. The TSA insisted upon me putting my pants back on, and proceeding with the groping and molestation. The fact that it was an ineffective groping and molestation was better for me, but worse for security. (If I had a bomb between my butt cheeks, I could have smuggled it on.) But if they go so far as an effective groping and molestation, it would be a far worse invasion of privacy and dignity, and a far worse violation of the 4th amendment, than it already was. I offered them the ability to see me complete naked. They refused, and insisted upon groping and molesting me instead. And then they did a bad job of it, if the criterion by which you measure is actual security.

    The TSA has employed people -- some of whom have some shred of decency remaining -- but who still follow their Milgram-like orders and molest the innocent flying public. The TSA itself must be abolished. This rape and groping and molestation must stop. It is unconscionably evil.
  2. Mike

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    This shows that "resistance" is one big lie. If they had felt up to "resistance", they would not have had an issue with the athletic cup. The genitals are what it's all about. If they don't get into our crotches one way or another, we're not flying.

    Why do people put up with this instead of beating the :trash: out of these perverts? We quit flying last year after my wife was groped, but we had already eliminated all discretionary travel because I knew it was only a matter of time before I killed one of these creeps.

    People have a constitutional right to defend themselves when they are assaulted -- they should be doing exactly that.

    How much you want to bet that the second guy isn't in the booth as your "witness" (what a joke, the pervert's buddy is not MY witness) -- he's there for day when someone with enough cojones to stand up for himself finally cleans the pervert's clock.
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  3. nachtnebel

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    I won't go to one of those private huts. I'll go to jail first and then do what damage I can in the courts. All of this comes back to John Pistole and Janet Napolitano. After what these folks have unleashed, how do they expect to live in this country when they leave their positions? They'll live the rest of their lives looking over their shoulders.
  4. myadvice

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    I've long thought that everyone who strips naked in the private room and is then told to put clothes back on to be molested should sue them. It is obvious to most rational people that they can clearly rub your clothing (inside and out) for explosive residue without the clothing physically being on you. A case like this will clearly show that their goal is to touch your genitals (aka molest you.) rather than search you for explosives.
  5. Affection

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    Molested Passenger - Welcome to the board and thank you for sharing your story! The athletic cup was an interesting idea and a good try, but if you would have posted your plans here before going to the airport, we could have accurately predicted the outcome for you. Anything that takes additional time from TSA employees and conveys to them that what they're doing is wrong is a good protest, but in the end, you still let them "touch your junk." Until we say no to that and mean it, and ride out the threats they make for non-compliance, and be willing to miss a flight and re-book out of a different terminal or airport (which, often times, the airlines will do for you for free), our protests are at volume 3 when they could and need to be at volume 11.

    myadvice - I'm actually not sure that would work in court. I think a court would opine that the TSA is entitled to come up with reasonable procedures, and that passengers may not invent their own just because they prefer one type of screening over another. So, I think the attack has to be on whether or not "touching your junk" is a reasonable procedure, rather than attacking their failure to perform a search that you consider to be less invasive. Or, perhaps you could slightly modify your attack and say that a procedure that requires touching bare skin is inherently unreasonable, and if the court agrees, the effect would be that stripping would prevent them from touching. Not a lawyer, but this is my understanding of the relevant case law.

  6. Dexter123

    Dexter123 Original Member

    Molested, you have some time take a cab.
  7. Off Duty

    Off Duty Original Member

    I guess that's a choice, it would help if people would just be cooperative. We have a job to do, we can't clear you until we've done it.
  8. Bart

    Bart Original Member

    Sorry folks, but I can't pass this one up: what a.......Dick! (as in Richard for you dirty-minded ones)
  9. DeafBlonde

    DeafBlonde Original Member

    Ohhhhhh, now I get it. Karate chopping genitals is your job. F**king B*ll Sh!t!!! :mad:
  10. mikemey

    mikemey Original Member

    Figures you'd side with the clerk on this one.

    Keep digging your hole. Soon, you'll be trapped in it.
  11. Bart

    Bart Original Member

    Have to wonder: would my comment been taken for the humor intended if you did not know who I worked for? Some of you really need to get a life.
  12. nachtnebel

    nachtnebel Original Member

    Just doin mah job eh? No matter what violations you perform on another human being. It must be nice to be exempt from any morality.

    However, the OP inflicted the situation on himself by wearing the cup. And it was certainly misguided to expect any kind of common sense out of TSA clerks. They are not recruited or paid to think. It's all programmed. If in hut, must massage testicles, anus, butt cleft.
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  13. Caradoc

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    So your job includes making forceful contact with travelers' genitalia?

    "...The first time he slid his hands up my left inner thigh, he rammed them into my testicles, causing pain, and I winced and jumped."

    Or is that just a perk for people who like to wear the blue shirt because it makes them feel important, and much better about being too stupid to hold down a real job?
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  14. gojirasan

    gojirasan Original Member

    Actually the cup was an excellent idea. The idea has been discussed before on the other forum and it had always intrigued me. It does prove that they don't really mean "resistance". It proves that resistance really is just a euphemism for genital contact. So you've paved the way and now we know what to expect from the athletic cup defense. The point of the cup is not absolute protection from genital contact, but temporary protection from surprise genital contact. For instance, let's say the TSO claims that he has no intention of touching your balls or penis. Some of the TSOs don't. So how do you know which ones are telling the truth? Wear the cup and only the ones who really do try to touch your genitals will make contact with it. At that point you have to make the choice as to whether you are willing to engage in sexual activity with the screener in order to fly. I would just walk away and reschedule my flight for another day. Or try to. At no point would I consent to having my genitals touched. They would have to physically restrain me in order to do it.
  15. Affection

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    I was actually thinking of producing and selling spikey jeans. I'd use the stuff that the emo kids wear on their spikey collars...

    ...and line the crotch and (expletive deleted) area with them. I think women in general would appreciate them since men in bars have a habit of "accidentally" inappropriately grabbing women. But, it would be great for the checkpoint. I'd make sure they would not set off a WTMD, as well.

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  16. INK

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    Okay, a little personal here, but here is what I do.

    I wear briefs, compression type, that pull the associated equipment high and tight. They are not hugely comfortable and they can be unhealthy for long-term wear, but they are temporary for a special purpose. Snug fitting cotton briefs will do the same thing.

    But as such, the resistance is not where it is usually found. The leg rub will not touch my genitals. They may touch them with the back of the hand front of the pants check, but it is rare and not particularly uncomfortable.

    I realize for some folks that this may not be possible, but for those where the fit can be made to work, you will not have your privates touched except in rare cases.
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  17. DeafBlonde

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    I find it incredibly sad that travellers have to put so much thought into such "defensive dressing" issues as this. I may be travelling with my boyfriend to Detroit to visit his parents, and I find myself spending way too much time contemplating what to wear through the checkpoint.

    Our national government has become the "enemy of the people" instead of the "servant of the people"!! :mad:
  18. barbell

    barbell Coach Coach

    Like I've said before, the atmosphere at the airport is that TSA acts as if people must be terrorized in order to feel safe from terrorism. :td:
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  19. Caradoc

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    No. The people must be terrorized in order for the blue-shirted dirtbags to remain employed.
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  20. nachtnebel

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    You have seen nothing yet.
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