Mom Finds Mystery Prescription Drug Bottle in Suitcase After Flight

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    Probably their latest Cosmic Top Secret Atomal layer of baklava ...

    NBC New York: Mom Finds Mystery Prescription Drug Bottle in Suitcase After Flight: A Westchester family wants to know how a medicine bottle got into their young son's suitcase

    A Westchester mother says she found a disturbing item in her young son's suitcase while unpacking her family's luggage after a recent trip to Florida.

    Michelle and husband Eric Isban checked and flew their bags on a JetBlue flight from West Palm Beach back to Westchester County Airport. When they returned to their Armonk home Monday morning, Michelle Isban said she found what appeared to be a medicine bottle with a worn-off label in her 4-year-old son's bag.

    It did not have a childproof cap, posing a potential threat to the couple's two young children.

    "To know that someone was rummaging through our bags, that causes grave concern," said Eric Isban.

    A spokesperson for JetBlue told NBC 4 New York it was a Transportation Security Administration issue.

    "We wouldn't open a customer's bag for any reason," the airline said.

    The TSA said it is looking into who may have had access to the luggage. Agents are not allowed to put anything into a bag, and the agency says if it searches a checked bag, an agent will leave a form letter. There was no letter in any of the family's suitcases.

    And this -- on the porch? Really? Is some Cosmic Top Secret Atomal TSA Gnome going to stop by in the middle of the night and relieve them of the evidence?

    The Isbans said a TSA representative told them over the phone to put the mystery bottle in a bag and keep it on the porch as the matter is investigated.
  2. That porch part is bizarre. But I wish people would realize calling TSA when you suspect TSA of committing a crime against you doesn't make sense. They're a lawless and criminal organization, like they're going to go take active steps to solve the problem? Don't call the TSA when stuff like this happens, call the police.
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    Equally disturbing is the lack of the TSA inspection notice in the bag.

    It is clear that there is no oversight and accountability for TSOs rummaging through passengers' bags, and that they can steal and add items with impunity.
  4. I agree. I'm always baffled that we were in such a collective state of cluelessness after 9/11 that we allowed a system in which our bags are unopened by questionable strangers outside of our presence. It makes no sense at all, and yet we did it.
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    Of course, these are the same morons who think its okay to have TSA grope their kids. Unfortunately, it isn't a crime to be criminally stupid, although it should be.
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    I'm going to take a guess that some TSA agent was stealing or had drugs on them and had to ditch it quick, so shoved it in the kid's bag. So of course they aren't going to leave a friendly letter.
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