Mom forces TSA to shell out $3.99 for seized peanut butte

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    She submitted the claim on June 19. To her surprise, she received a letter dated Aug. 24 from TSA that read: "Your claim against the United States in the amount of $3.99 has been granted in full." On Sept. 14, the "refund" was electronically deposited into her bank account.

    The Los Angeles Times investigated tort claims against TSA last year, and found that 1,702 claims were made against the agency by passengers traveling through Los Angeles International Airport from 2007 through 2010. Most claims involved items that were damaged or disappeared fromchecked baggage. The average damage claim was $1,437, but most were denied. Roughly 13 percent of those who claimed the loss of a laptop computer were granted relief, but less than 1 percent of those saying they lost or damaged digital camera were reimbursed.
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    TSA spokesman David A. Castelveter told NBC News that peanut butter jars in excess of 3.4 ounces are generally not permissable as carry-on items, but that screeners can exercise "common-sense discretion." Exceptions generally involve medical needs, he said.

    I fell out of my chair laughing at that quote. Just look at the master list, the a picture of a gun on a purse, the famous cupcake, drinking a bottle of water, the "vapor strips' waving foolish-it's unending.

    Screener's common sense indeed!!!

    He also pointed to a press release about TSA agents in Los Angeles who stopped suspects allegedly trying to sneak marijuana onto an airplane in a modified jar of peanut butter last year.

    I'm not a smoker, but I'm still confused on how a bag of weed is going to bring down an airplane.

    Good for lambert, I appalled her. Her husband is a shipping idiot. He's lucky to have such a person to watch his back and take care offer kids (if you read the article, she's in charge of the finances of the household and my sense, really take cares of everyone.)
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