Video Mom stands up to TSA

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Monica47, Feb 17, 2013.

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    TSA could procure uniforms worth up to $50 million from VF Imagewear
    Impressed Lucy Forck, no doubt.
  2. Caradoc

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    Expecting leadership from Obama is like expecting honesty from a TSA employee. You'll get it when it suits *them*, not when it's actually appropriate.
  3. Rugape

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    I understand what you are saying, but I personally will take this as a start to shift the direction we need to be moving. Everyone wearing a TSO uni (and the TSMs and other assorted head shed types that work in our checkpoints from time to time) need to be doing this as a matter of course, not as an exception. If it has to start with this type of program, then I will take it, as long as it is a step on the path to increasing the professionalism on display by our people. Professionalism should be the norm, not the exception.
  4. RB

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    I don't see it the same way. Instead of TSA requiring professionalism of all employees it band aid patches the fouled up mess with a special program that will not benefit all citizens.

    Professionalism is the norm except at TSA.
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  5. Mike

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    It's appalling that a government agency abuses the citizenry to the point they consider "support specialists" necessary to help their victims cope with indignities that are inflicted upon them as they attempt to exersize their basic constitutional rights.

    The gasoline eventually will the used for the torches and firebrands that will be coming your way when enough people get fed up with this crap. Meanwhile "sequestration" can't happen soon enough.
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    unwanted hands in a person's crotch area, buttocks, breasts are a criminal offense. If people start taking justice into their own hands, more power to them.
  7. Having a PSS inform me kindly and with "empathy" that I may not fly unless I submit to a secret back room front-of-the-hand search of my breasts, buttocks, and genitalia which arguably exceeds the bounds of an administrative search and therefore violates the fourth amendment because their explosive detective machines faultily alarm on commonly used household products and toiletries does not make what is being done any less an offensive violation of my rights, space, and dignity.

    A sweet smile and an apology that this is simply procedure, flawed as it may be, and that you all are just good folks doing your jobs to keep us safe does not mitigate the trauma of such a perverse and senseless situation.

    I EDITED this post to temper my statement about administrative searches being done in public until I could find a good source for that idea. Then I re-edited it when Doober helped find the relevant case law, which is United States v. Skipworth (1972), in which this is part of the decision: "Unlike searches conducted on dark and lonely streets at night where often the officer and the subject are the only witnesses, these searches are made under supervision and not far from the scrutiny of the traveling public." Thanks Doober!
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    The phrase you're looking for is "dipping a (expletive deleted) in chocolate doesn't make it taste any better."
  9. Frank

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    More like "dipping a (expletive deleted) in chocolate and calling it a Snickers(tm)".
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