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    By Davy V.
    Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Tahoe 2604
    parked blocking fire lane and customer loading zone.​

    Seems like the Rochester, NY Police department are not the only ones who think they are above the law when it comes to their officers parking where they want, whenever they want.

    Take, for example, what I bumped into on a recent trip to the Wegmans in Pittsford, NY.

    As I'm walking towards the entrance, I see a Monroe County, NY Sheriff's department Chevy Tahoe, number 2604, parked completely blocking the customer loading zone, and a fire lane.

    As you can see in the photos I took, the vehicle is less than 30 feet away from a fire hydrant.

    After calling and asking to speak to a supervisor, Sgt. Murphy called me back.

    I asked Sgt. Murphy why would a Monroe County, NY Sheriff's member would park in such way.

    Sgt. Murphy's response, before he hub up on me?

    "Because he can."

    Click Play to listen to the conversation.

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