Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Deputies Give Tiger Woods a Free Pass, as he Drives by them while...

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    By Davy V.
    Tiger Woods, (left), talks on his cell phone,
    as two Monroe County, NY Sheriff's deputies look on.
    Photo by Davy V.

    We've all heard of law enforcement officers giving celebrities preferential treatment.

    Well, one such incident occurred this past Wednesday, during the last day of practice rounds for the 2013 PGA Championship, at Oak Hill Country Club, in Pittsford, NY, just outside Rochester.

    Here's what happened.

    I arrived at Oak Hill around noon, and after walking the grounds, I noticed a crowd of people near the sea of silver Mercedes Benz SUV's which is the players parking lot. (Mercedes Benz is the official sponsor of the PGA).

    I then noticed the crowd was watching Tiger Woods, who as you can see in the first video below, was talking on his cell phone, while putting on his sneakers.

    Wood's caddy can be seen helping put his equipment on the SUV.

    Also seen in the video, are two Monroe County, NY Sheriff's deputies providing security for Woods.

    Woods then gets in the SUV, still on his cell phone, and drives away, right past the two Monroe County, NY Sheriff's deputies who do nothing, even though it is against the law in New York State to drive while talking on a cell phone.
    Tiger Woods drives away, still talking on cell phone.
    and drives past two Monroe County, NY Sheriff's deputies,
    who fail to enforce the law.
    Photo by Davy V.

    Now I know there will be some who will immediately dismiss this as my being silly in even writing about this.

    Well, say what you want, but it doesn't change that Tiger Woods broke the law, and two Monroe County, NY Sheriff's deputies failed to enforce the law, clearly because it was Tiger Woods.

    And if that's still not enough, and you still think I'm being petty, then try this:

    Next time you're driving in New York State, and are pulled over by law enforcement for talking on your cell phone, tell them Tiger Woods did it.

    I'm sure they'll understand.

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