Montel Williams​ Says He's Glad Airport Security Found His Weed Pipe

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. Mike

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    Queue up a Looney Tunes melody ...

    411 Mania: Montel Williams​ Says He's Glad Airport Security Found His Weed Pipe

    The bigger question is: Why were they looking for his pipe? How does it "bode will" for airport security that they can find his pipe yet dozens of terror suspects are known to have passed through security checkpoints without being detected?

    The original TMZ article is here:

    TMZ: Montel Williams: I'm GLAD Cops Found My Pipe!
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  2. Doober

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    Along the same lines, kinda, my son has been traveling quite a bit recently and on his return from his most recent trip, he told me that TSA in PHL "found" something in his wallet that they said they had to check. He said it was a tool that fits into a sleeve and it has a sharp edge on it. The screener opened his wallet, but did not look at the object. When he asked why she didn't look at/take it, he was told that type of item comes through regularly and they don't confiscate them. Then why did they need to look in his wallet?

    Also, prior to going through PHL, he found a pocket knife that had been in his carry-on for months and he threw it away before he got to the checkpoint. I asked why he'd done that as it had got through on all his other trips. He said he figured they'd catch it sometime and he'd lose it, so he tossed it. :rolleyes:

    He's also one who voluntarily goes through WBI - he who has had skin cancer. :eek: and :rolleyes:
  3. Cartoon Peril

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    Thank God he didn't have a snowglobe!
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  4. I'm disappointed in Montel. He didn't seem to notice that he's advocating for every medical marijuana user to be stopped, hassled, and deal with whatever fallout may come. I think he's trying to hang on to his wholesome image, but jeez. He had an opportunity to make a much greater point than he did here.
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  5. Elizabeth Conley

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    Mary Jane makes the boys goofy.
  6. Pesky Monkey

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    One thing is for sure, every TSO looking for a pipe is one not looking for a gun or a bomb.
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  7. Cartoon Peril

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    Weed has yet to bring down an airplane.
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  8. FetePerfection

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    If anything weed just makes the plane fly higher!
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