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    Au contraire, mon ami. I think he knows exactly what he's doing and isn't stupid, but rather unbelievably brazen. He's basically flat-out stating that he intends to turn a blind eye to TSOs abusing the public (but of course not when the public fights back) until and unless it's a cut-and-dried illegal act that generates bad PR for TSA.

    That statement was less of a "herp derp" and more of a "what're you gonna do about it?"
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    That's pretty much how I read it. "Unbelievable brazen" is an understatement.

    There should be zero tolerance of misbehavior on the part of the TSO's. By zero tolerance I mean discipline (but not necessarily termination) for every instance of malfeasance.
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    I have already been followed to a restroom. BDO kept right on questioning while I was in the stall.
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    Agree. There should not only be zero tolerance for TSO misbehavior; every TSO disciplinary action should include some sort of action against his/her command chain. Poor employee performance should include disciplinary action not only against the employee, but also against his/her overseers.

    Above every non-performing employee, there are folks who are responsible for monitoring that employee's performance. If the employee screws up, it is also a failure of the folks above him/her.
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    Call 911 & complain that someone is coming on to you in the men's room.

    If you're at MSP, be sure to ask for Sgt. Dave Karsnia. He's an expert on men's room activities.
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    Care to share - or did you and I missed it?
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    Lol, even if the BDO were just hauled out for a real interrogation by real police, that would be priceless to witness. We could only hope that he resists arrest or doesn't comply with what officer Friendly wants.

    There is no way in h*ll that they should be bothering you while you are on the toilet.
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    Careful there, AngryMiller. Recognizing that terrorists will manipulate societal norms to evade detection, we should be willing to have a BDO in the stall with us, for your safety, of course.

    Seriously, though, what sort of person is TSA hiring that they would follow someone into the bathroom and continue a "conversation" while said person is locked in a stall? The stupidity of these people defies belief.
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    I posted about it on another forum. Happened a few months ago (at a particularly bad time, not that there is ever a good time.)

    I was flying to a hospital bedside, not knowing exactly what to expect and hoping and praying I'd get there in time. A lot on my mind. I was in no mood to talk to anyone. Checkpoint uneventful, I'm passing the food court and I get SPOT'd.

    You know, if it had been the counter girl where I got my water, an FA, even a friend calling me to chat, I would have apologized and explained the situation. I had too much on my mind to want to carry on a conversation with anyone. But this was TSA and if ever there was a flight I didn't want to miss, this was it. So it was a double-whammy - not only did I feel I had to 'converse' with this fool, I had to try to dig deep and not do anything to set the BDO off.

    I headed for the loo (I did actually have to go). BDO follows, still blabbing. I'm in the stall and the BDO is still grilling me!

    It's so easy to say in hindsight what I should have/could have done. I know that, we all do. But this had only happened to me once before (parking lot). I was blind with worry about my family member, I didn't want to talk to anyone about it, I just wanted to get there. All I could think was that this BDO had the power to make me miss my flight and possibly miss saying a final hospital 'goodbye'. I look back now and think "why didn't I just keep flushing the toilet and shouting 'I can't hear you' ?
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    A current example of this would make for a great press release, but the subject of the PR would have to be identifiable at least by name & contactable by media outlets.
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    Thank you. I hope you got to the hospital in time.
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    Nah. What happened to me with the BDO was small potatoes compared to things that are video'd every day. I'd rather have a BDO talking to me through a stall door than have a TSO's hands in my pants.
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    BTW, over on the 'other site', there is a very good thread started by marclyon about his experience at JFK. He just recovered a video they made him delete.

    The abuse of individual pax with no recourse is disgusting.

    The disregard for laws regarding filming and photos is more than disgusting - it is downright frightening. His experience reminds me in some ways of Phil Mocek's experience at ABQ.
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    :) Yup, fortunately. Thanks.
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  17. Mike

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    What matters is the imagery it conveys -- TSA in our bathroom. :td:
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    I am not a big fan of BDO VooDoo. I know that behavioral detection is a very powerful tool; I've used it many times before in my previous career. However, within the context of airport security, I'm not convinced that its payoffs are that great. Yeah, there's the incident in Orlando involving Kevin Brown who was arrested for possessing bomb-making materials in his luggage. However, if I recall, witnesses said that Brown was acting crazy, rocking back and forth, mumbling to himself and looking around nervously. I'm not ready to say that he was detected only as the result of the highly trained technical skills of the BDOs at that airport. And, because he was stopped before he could even approach the checkpoint, the materials would most likely have been detected during checked baggage screening. And that's the other thing: he apparently intended to put all of his bomb-making materials, not assembled, inside his checked luggage. Pretty difficult to blow up a plane with the bomber in the cabin and the bomb-making stuff, disassembled, inside the cargo hold.

    I'm not downplaying the success of stopping what may or may not have been a potential threat from getting on board. I'm just not ready to jump on the band wagon and attribute the success solely to the BDOs. If all of this came as the result of a raised eyebrow and nervous hand gesture, then I'd be impressed. But a guy acting like a wacko enough that fellow travelers in line backed off to give him his own space? Not exactly rocket science at work here.
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    Congratulations! This is the most sensible, rational, well-thought-out post of yours (and several other TSO-Types) that I have ever read. Please, keep up the good work!
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    Holy (expletive deleted). So it's happened to you more than once already??

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