More companies data mining for TSA

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  1. Mike

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    Three more enablers of our police/security state ...

    1. Executive Information Systems (EIS), LLC, of Bethesda, MD
    2. SAS

    Government Security News: TSA relies on SAS software to analyze mountains of data

    TSA plans to award a sole source contract to Executive Information Systems (EIS), LLC, of Bethesda, MD, to help the agency continue to use the data mining and data analysis software developed by SAS, the global software supplier, whose world headquarters are in Cary, NC.
    TSA will use at least three of the products offered by SAS:

    1. SAS Visual Data Discovery
    2. SAS/Access
    3. Enterprise Miner
  2. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    3. InfoZen Inc., Rockville, Md

    HS Today: TSA Again Extends Threat Assessment Contract with InfoZen

    The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Friday extended a contract for InfoZen Inc., Rockville, Md., to provide operations and maintenance support to transportation vetting programs.

    The six month extension, to run from May 28 through November 27, suggests TSA requires significantly more time to consider a contract award for the follow-up to its Transportation Threat Assessment and Credentialing (TTAC) Operations and Computing Environment (OCE) program.

    TSA previously announced a six-month extension from Nov. 28, 2012, through May 27, 2013, for InfoZen on Oct. 17, 2012.

    "This contract extension will continue to address the requirements of the Office of Intelligence and Analysis for the deployment, implementation, operation, and maintenance of a broad range of transportation vetting programs designed to protect the US transportation system against terrorism and threats to national security," TSA said in a notice Friday. "In general, vetting is described as the thorough examination or investigation of the behaviors, connections, sympathies, associations and conveyances of persons, goods, things and entities to identify explicit and implicit associations for suitability and reliability for a particular activity that requires a high degree of trust or loyalty."
  3. Doober

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    One upside to all this info collecting is that there is no way under the sun that it can all be analyzed.
  4. RB

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    Is it? When you are in information overload picking out the good intel becomes near impossible and crap slips through the network.
  5. Rugape

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    Agreed, that seems to be the biggest challenge for all of the data mining by the alphabet groups - finding the one thing in a billion that is truly worth pursuing. I read a piece somewhere about some of the supercomputers that NSA uses to crunch the raw data into usable information or possible leads, it is eye glazing and mind numbing just how much stuff goes through those systems daily.

    Edit to add more info: The new "Titan" supercomputer can perform 20 petaflops per second... Initially that simply meant "Gihoopic amount" to a layman like me, but then the super geeks put an actual number down to clarify it for me. This new system can process 20,000,000,000,000,000 (one of you folks in the industry correct me if I am missing zeroes here) - per second. They also say that the new algorithyms they have developed have placed them on the path towards a new system that can process 1 exaflop - again the translation for guys like me comes out to 1 quintillion instructions per second. See more here if you are interested:
  6. RB

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    Some day you will wake up and realize it is your Department (DHS) that is spying on the peoples of America, all without warrant or cause, and you can then be proud that you are part of it.
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  7. Caradoc

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    Impossible. People with pride, ethics, and morals don't "work" for DHS or the TSA.

    There are those "employees" who think they're "proud" of their "work," but the truth is that they simply don't understand what "pride," "ethics," or "morals" really are.

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