More dimunition of due process: TSA to network boarding pass scanners to terrorist watch list

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    Fierce Gov't Security: TSA to network boarding pass scanners to terrorist watch list

    The fraudulent document technology scanners the Transportation Security Administration plans on rolling out to airports will now be networked with the no-fly list, the Homeland Security Department says.

    In a Jan. 18 privacy impact assessment (.pdf), TSA says it plans to connect the scanners to watch lists via its Secure Flight program, which matches passenger data to databases of suspected terrorists. TSA announced a three U.S. airports pilot of the scanners--dubbed the Credential Authentication Technology/Boarding Pass Scanning System--in April 2012.

    The scanners are meant to replace the current system in which a TSA officer called the "travel document checker" ...

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    Here is a copy of their "privacy impact assessment" for this latest deprivation of due process:

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    Will TSA ignore the requirements of the Administrative Procedures Act once again before installing these devices ?

    What part of identity checking is allowed under a limited Administrative Search for Weapons, Incendiaries, and Explosives?
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    Both are good questions which, I suspect will be answered as follows:
    1. Yes
    2. None. But every kind of checking/searching/violation of 4th amendment rights is allowed under the Patriot Act!!! 9/11! 9/11! 9/11!!!

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