More TSA waste: Their own private museum, constructed w/ our money, open only to TSA elite

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  1. Mike

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    USA Today: At TSA museum, grim artifacts inspire mission

    A small museum in Arlington, Va., houses some of the nation's most evocative artifacts: a big chunk of subway rail recovered from the New York City PATH station destroyed on 9/11 at the World Trade Center; the metal detector that screened hijackers Mohamed Atta and Abdulaziz al-Omari early that morning at Maine's Portland International Jetport. But unless you work for the Transportation Security Administration or have a special invitation to stop by, you won't be able to see these artifacts in person.

    That's because the museum, which is called "Mission Hall," is inside TSA headquarters. The exhibition space includes an interactive kiosk and a large, recessed exhibit case outside a multipurpose room on the first floor of the building in Pentagon City, a close-in suburb of Washington, D.C. Only those who work in the TSA building or guests of the TSA can view the museum. "It is not designed for public tours," said TSA spokesperson David Castelveter.
  2. How very North Korean of them.
  3. RB

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    For such a young agency (TSA's Claim) TSA certainly learned how to piss away our tax dollars in a very short time.
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  4. Mike

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    The Nazis kept meticulous records ...

    Becky Akers @ LRC Blog:

    Posted by Becky Akers on October 25, 2012 11:30 AM
    Will the TSA ever tire of inventing ways to waste our taxes?

    Recall that this agency of gate-rapists and pedophiles has cursed us for only 11 infamous years — years Americans will someday disavow and want to forget as strenuously as Germans do those of the Nazis. And yet it has hired a full-time historian. With a staff. And these dweebs are busy chronicling the TSA’s crimes as if they aren’t.


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  5. Fisher1949

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    This is yet another unnoticed travesty. It's like TASA is rubbing it in.

    It would make a great story if given wide enough exposure and proper explanation.
  6. N965VJ

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    Because 11 years ago teenagers had no access to CNN, the internet, etc. Or are most TSA employees the kind of people that show up on late night TV comedy segments where people on the street interviews reveal shocking ignorance of basic political facts?

    The TSA has a staff position for a degreed historian? [​IMG] At least that less room in the payroll budget for gropers at the airport.

    What kind of historian is Mr. Smith? A poor one it seems:

    These "artifacts" don't have anything more to do with why 9/11 happened than the hotel room the hijackers stayed at the night before, the van they rode in to the airport, the jetway they walked down, etc. Inadequate checkpoint screening did not cause 9/11, it was complying with the hijacker's requests and allowing them access to the cockpit.

    If "historian" Smith was really concerned about showcasing the effective changes that have been made, he would display the training curricula where crew members were told to be non-confrontational, and flimsy cockpit doors with blowout panels that would come loose if you slammed them too hard.
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  7. Mike

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    Laughingstock of the world, chapter N ...

    UK Daily Mail: Body scanners, mangled subway track, and a dusty, folded flag: Inside the secret TSA museum dedicated to 9/11... but it's closed to the public

    But it’s also because the relics are supposed to serve as a reminder to the government agency. ‘It’s important to tell the story to all of our employees,’ TSA historian Michael Smith explained to the paper. As such, the museum, called ‘Mission Hall,’ helps to remind young and old employees alike of their collective mission.​

    Legends in their own minds! :rolleyes:
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  8. Elizabeth Conley

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    This is more evidence that the TSA culture is that of a cult. Like all cults, they know their "sacred relics" are junk to "nonbelievers." On some level, the TSA goons know they're crazy, but they need their mythos too desperately to stop their dysfunctional behavior.

    We shouldn't be surprised. We're going to see increasing evidence of a counter-culture within the DHS and the TSA. We'd better do all we can to limit their power. This will not end well if we don't curtail the DHS's power and reintegrate their members/employees with mainstream America.
  9. DeafBlonde

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    I wonder if they are going to display all the rediculous (expletive deleted) they confiscate, er, uh, require to have voluntarily surrendered to them, like nail clippers, cupcakes, eyelash curlers, 3" plastic toy swards, to name only a handfull.
  10. Frank

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    I'm pretty sure the collection will not include Freedom Fluffers dancing Danny Deever after they fondle the wrong person.

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