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  1. Mike

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    I don't mind seeing this guy out of business, but I also fail to see how it's an American criminal matter...

    Wired / DangerRoom: ‘Merchant of Death’ Will Rot in Jail for 25 Years

    He got the minimum sentence because the judge admitted there was no evidence of any specific intent to kill Americans. Apparently it's going to be a crime to have a business relationship with people the U.S. decides not to like.

    Bio & background in Wikipedia: Viktor Bout

    So now we get to attend to his care & feeding until age 70, and if he happens to have any chronic ailments at that point, perhaps forever.

    At least Fletch will have one less competitor.
  2. nachtnebel

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    whatever this fellow did, he did so outside of US borders and he was arrested outside US borders. US crime units and judicial system have no jurisdiction there that is valid. People in other countries should be concerned about the tentacles of the US government reaching into their homes.

    If US government elements didn't like this guy's activities, they should have worked with the local countries' law enforcement and let them handle this. That or do what they've done in the past and just kill him outside the legal system.

    My question is, just how does the US funnel arms to people and orgs in foreign countries that the US wants? hmm? Who arrests OUR people? Why is it illegal for this man Bout, but not for our faceless agents, to sell, transport, and supply arms to those who cannot legally, under the laws of their host country, possess them? Might makes right, evidently.

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  3. Mike

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    Fine example of Cicero's Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Who will guard the guards themselves?

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