Most Annoying Airport Security Checkpoints

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    Travel & Leisure: Most Annoying Airport Security Checkpoints

    1. Los Angeles (LAX)
    2. New York La Guardia (LGA)
    3. Newark (EWR)
    4. Philadelphia (PHL)
    5. New York (JFK)
    6. Chicago O'Hare (ORD)
    7. Orlando (MCO)
    8. Dulles (IAD)
    9. Boston (BOS)
    10. Seattle (SEA)
    11. Houtston (IAH)
    12. Atlanta (ATL)
    13. Miami (MIA)
    14. Denver (DEN)
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    Followed by commentary from Jaunted ...

    Jaunted: Finally, Math Categorizes the Most Annoying TSA Checkpoints

    Yes, the new Travel + Leisure survey of "Most Annoying Airport Security Checkpoints" is sort of kind of egregiously shameless link bait. Publishing top 10 lists on the Internet (or in this case top-14 lists) is basically cheating, up there with posting pictures of boobs and cats.

    The only thing that's less subtle is putting in something that doesn't quite fit, so that people will argue about the list. Theoretically that's impossible to do on surveys, but that doesn't mean we can't still complain about the rankings. Can you believe they put Dulles TSA checkpoints as more annoying than the ones in Logan? Whoever thinks that's right has either never been to the airports or is an idiot or is a troll.
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    Arguably, the most annoying airport checkpoints in the world are "any checkpoint where the TSA is present." So, it's not all that wrong.
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    Huffington Post: The 22 Most Annoying Airport Security Checkpoints (PHOTOS)

    Anyone who flies has suffered the agony of long security lines, intrusive X-ray scans or pat downs and confusing rules. But which airports incite the most frustration? As part of our first-ever airport survey, Travel + Leisure asked readers to rate the check-in and security process at 22 major domestic airports. We're highlighting the lowest-ranking airports -- those with the most annoying security checkpoints -- and have researched the factors and headline-making incidents that may have contributed to readers' opinions.
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