Most corrupt cities in the U.S.

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    15. New Orleans, 545 public corruption convictions
    14. Boston, 562
    13. Sacramento & Fresno, 571
    12. Orlando, 585
    11. Austin & San Antonio, 610
    10. Brooklyn, 761
    9. Richmond, 764
    8. Philadelphia, 852
    7. Cleveland, 885
    6. Newark, 909
    5. Miami, 970
    4. Washington, D.C, 1005
    3. Manhattan, 1202
    2. Los Angeles, 1275

    And the winner, by a clear landslide, is ... (ding, ding, ding)

    1. Chicago, 1531, public corruption convictions


    Based on data from the U.S. DOJ on public corruption convictions 1976-2010 analyzed at UICC.

    Note, however, that NYC is reported by boroughs (+ Newark just over the Hudson), which collectively come in much higher than Chicago, and a couple reporting areas include two major cities. The data really needs to be adjusted by population, perhaps organized by SMSA, for the rankings to be meaningful.

    If they'd adjust properly for population, I'd bet small smaller bureaucratic hellholes would really "shine".
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    I wonder where the town of Bell would fit in, if you adjusted for population?
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