Much ado about a very weird guy (body armor, fire-resistant clothing, smoke grenade ...)

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    So they're trying to make a really big deal out of this, but one smoke grenade is all he packed that was illegal. They're trying to insinuate that a couple items (leather-coated billy clubs and collapsible baton) might be illegal in California, but if he's merely transiting through LAX to Boston that shouldn't matter.

    Note that this search was entirely a CBP affair at LAX customs, TSA not involved ...

    Times Standard: Much of odd weapons cache on plane was permissible

    Yongda Huang Harris, 28, was taken into custody at Los Angeles International Airport last week during a stopover on a trip from Japan, when U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers noticed he was wearing the bulletproof vest under his trench coat, along with flame-retardant pants and knee pads.

    By then, he had reached the U.S. after a stop in South Korea with a suspicious array of knives and other weaponry in his checked luggage, including a smoke grenade, a hatchet, a biohazard suit, a collapsible baton, masks, duct tape, leg irons and plastic restraints, authorities say.
    Most of the items—including the hatchet and knives—wouldn't violate Transportation Security Administration guidelines for what is permissible in checked luggage, and the protective vest and pants are not listed among items prohibited on flights.

    The smoke grenade was X-rayed by police bomb squad officers in Los Angeles, who said the device fell into a category that is prohibited on board passenger aircraft.
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    This is beginning to look like a great example of how abusive the feds can get when they're ticked off at you and don't really have anything substantive to charge you with. Yongda Huang Harris is no longer facing any charges for smoke grenade, but the feds have file news charges of lying by stating on his customs form that he was returning to the U.S. with only $100 of goods purchased in Japan. As far as I can tell he's still being held without bail. It's seems a few fed cops & prosecutors with inflated egos somehow think this weirdo is their big catch.

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