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    I have always had issues with the TSA, since I have worn an artificial leg since I was a toddler. I have had to take off my clothes and have had hands everywhere, despite having a HHMD concur that there was only metal between my ankle and knee. Once I was told that since the HHMD did not beep around my knee and ankle that they didn't need to check there, even though I told them it was a prosthetic. They checked my torso instead. I have had the 'Full Monty" also, which I swear will never again occur. I got to the point that I would take off my leg and hop through the metal detector... have it on, hands get swabbed, body gets assaulted. Take it off and none of the above applies. I have walked away from a flight before when I said that I would allow them to check the prosthetic but not my breasts and torso (since they did not alarm)... and they would not let me pass. No citation was issued. I finally just gave up domestic commercial flight altogether... I have since had a plate put in my left wrist and a replacement hip. There's simply no way. I need to protect myself from unwanted touching. I need to protect myself from some Peeping Tom seeing nude images of me. And I need to protect myself from any and all gratuitous extra radiation: my family happens to be within that 5% of the population that has a difficult time repairing cellular level radiation damage. And I am not alone... Freedom to Travel USA. We are citizens working to regain freedoms and rights that have been taken away by the TSA.
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    Welcome, Wendy.
    Mine was not a Terry search and you can't opt out of them. It must be stopped. Thanks for your work and sharing your story.
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    Wendy, thanks for sharing your story.

    I am so sorry you have had to endure this nonsense. It is disgusting, and it is unAmerican.

    Hopefully we can all work together to put an end to this nonsense and assault on our persons.
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