My "I was escorted out of the Airport by Police" Experience

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by NotaCriminal, Oct 21, 2011.

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    As has been mentioned before, that's what happens when you hire from pizza boxes and prisons...
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    Dont forget McDonalds rejects
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    The thought of a smurf-clerk preparing my fries has made me never want to eat fast food again.
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    I agree that you'd be more likely to be on the no-fly based on your lawsuit. ;) I think I was more concerned with, "well, I wouldn't give it up at the time, so won't it look a bit odd or hypocritical to be willing to give it up now?" On that point, I think DeafBlonde's post makes a lot of sense in that we did not want a TSA incident report over what we considered a non-event and in no way even a concern of TSA since there was no authority to search in the first place.

    So, we are going to file a complaint so we can get the expected non-response that the characterization of our actions never happened. Will likely just throw in a request for the video, as well, since I'd like to think it hasn't been recorded over yet. I don't know if the police record non-emergency calls, but I'm tempted to ask for that, as well, via a separate request to the police. Like I said, the event itself was no big drama, but the TSA characterization of our actions to the police pissed us both off. There's no need to lie, just like there's no need for a screening upon deplaning in order to go to my freakin' car.

    Thanks to all for your commentary and thoughts and recommendations.
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    No worries, smurf-clerks aren't qualified to work at difficult jobs like McDonald's has.
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    (Bolding mine) This is great! :D^ Doing things like reporting a "disturbance" when people only wanted to quietly exit the airport doesn't help, either. TSA employees should really make sure their PA vehicle inspection tags are in order, watch their speed, etc. when driving while wearing their uniform. ;)
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    This is one of the best posts I have ever read in either travel forum. You did everything right. Even secretly recording. Remember that you got lucky with the cops. They could have been the usual angry sadistic thugs who get off on hurting people. Cops like that would have arrested you and charged you with disorderly conduct at the very least. After all, they had multiple witnesses who might even be willing to testify in court that you were screaming and yelling and causing a big scene. There are a lot of cops that will be enraged by any resistance to authority and who would be thinking that you wouldn't be doing what you were doing unless you were a terrorist or a drug smuggler or some kind of law breaker with something to hide. By arresting you they also would have been able to search your bag which a lot of cops would have been drooling over. By having an audio recording, even an illegal one, which an anonymous concerned citizen could send to your attorney, you have an automatic superb defense against whatever false charges might be filed against you.

    I was recently arrested on a bunch of false charges at a police roadblock, and I had my cell phone with me. I didn't know in advance that I was going to be arrested of course, but if I had made an illegal recording, even just an audio recording I probably wouldn't be looking at possible jail time as I am now. The risk was that I could have been charged with the much more serious felony of illegal surveillance, but it would be so nice to have that evidence for my upcoming jury trial. Now I never drive without a fully charged cell phone with video recording capability and am considering various options for surreptitious video recording in case of future problems. In the modern USA nothing is more important than being able to defend yourself against false charges.

    You are a brave patriot for risking so much standing up for the rights that so many have died to protect. It is sad that one of the biggest risks of standing up for your rights is defending yourself against false charges and that many states do not allow you to prove your innocence with audio/video recordings. The system is very unjust. I only plan to fly again out of the US one more time. I have had enough. I feel like one of those pre-ww2 jews who fled Germany to escape persecution. We can all see what is going on here. Although I do think that individual resistance is futile it is a noble fight. The most noble fight possible. But I'm never coming back. I don't even feel safe from the police state driving in my car. That's no way to live.

    Thank you for having the courage to stand up to the TSA thugs and take the risks that you did. And thank you for posting about it. It is so sad how few people care about principles or are willing to stand up for them.
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    You said everything I was thinking and then some. NotACriminal is a hero/ine for taking a stand like that.
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    LEOs have a dim view of the TSA, and there's been quite a bit of anecdotal evidence where LEO intervention has been a plus when TSA employees go beyond the bounds of what they should be doing. Pistole knows this very well, which is why he wants armed screeners with LEO powers instead of local law enforcement at airports.
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    You're sh!ttin' me! Did Piss-hole really say he wanted to arm the screeners? Please privide a reference link, if you can. If this is true, then IMHO, the war will indeed be on! :mad:
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    I'm also trying to find the Pistole comment, as I remember him making comments (but I don't remember where and in what context) regarding giving TSA law enforcement powers.

    Not that any of that really matters. The statute already provides the TSA what they need to move on giving TSA screeners power of arrest, through 49 USC 44903(d)(2):

    [The] Secretary of Transportation may authorize an individual who carries out air transportation security duties– (2) to make arrests without warrant for an offense against the United States committed in the presence of the individual or for a felony under the laws of the United States, if the individual reasonably believes the individual to be arrested has committed or is committing a felony.

    It's not going to be a stretch to arm 'em, too.

    ETA: Thanks, N965VJ, for finding the comment already!
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    Pistole Packin' Screeners scare the crap out of me.. There will be no disagreeing with the clerks. :eek: The day that happens, I am done with flying.. UA can find another 1K flyer.

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