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    The quickest way for me to relate this info is to post links to some of what I've written in the past. In a way, I hate to link to the blog where I used to write, since the whole reason I left was because I got sick and tired of being shouted down by my supposed compatriots every time I tried to talk about the TSA, free speech, abrogation of rights, and anything to do with the National Security State. But that's where I originally wrote the stuff, so that's where the links are. A few to start:







  2. Elizabeth Conley

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    Personally, I won't be satisfied until the DHS & TSA "leadership" face conspiracy to commit civil rights violations charges. I realize that every generation has a certain number of sociopaths who just aren't content to let other people exercise their civil rights. I want the next generation's crop of soulless scum to be a bit more cautious.

    They can probably be prosecuted for reckless endangerment as well. The documents EPIC has uncovered lately are pretty damning when it comes to outlining who knew what with regard to Xray Backscatter Radiation Scanner hazards.

    Joseph McCarthy's Senate censure wasn't enough to send a message to subsequent generations of Constitution trampling swine. Until some of these high-level abusers face a jury, there will always be "leaders" who think they can abuse citizens with impunity.

    So welcome to TUG. You might face a disagreement or three, but I doubt you'll be censored.
  3. barbell

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    Welcome Underground, Lisa Simeone!

    I have followed your blog with great interest over the last (almost) year. I, for one, am delighted to have your contributions here (though I doubt I'm alone).

    You make some very solid arguments. It's always a mystery to me how people willingly don't see what's right in front of their noses.
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    Thank you, barbell. I took so much crap over at the Cogblog just for telling the truth. And Elizabeth, I've seen your name all over the blogosphere on this issue (along with Sommer Gentry, who's since become a friend -- we both live in the same city). It's nice to be, finally, in a place where people aren't afraid of empirical evidence and don't want to stick their heads in the sand.
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    I've seen some of Sommer's posts on Facebook in the We Won't Fly/Boycott Flying groups and she's quite well spoken. She could be a great ally to us here.
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    Agree about Sommer. She makes some very good, direct points.

    I tell you, Lisa Simeone, I used to be a member of airline management. My job required travel related to the professional/corporate side of the organization, so I didn't get all of the exemptions other employee groups enjoy. When I would come back to the office and rail against the latest stupidity, my manager told me to pipe down because "what's the big deal." Her job didn't require travel, so she didn't see the nonsense I, and my quieter colleagues, saw 4-5 times a week.

    But when she started to come out and join us more, boy did her tune change. I am thoroughly convinced that those who spout the "don't like it, don't fly" and other such nonsense actually aren't flying. They therefore have NO IDEA what's going on, and are perfectly content that it's happening to someone else. Until they experience it themselves, they seriously think we are making this stuff up.
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    Indeed. In fact, the "it's never happened to me, so therefore it's not happening" is the most blind, ignorant, and unethical argument out there. Yet it's been stated to me more times than I can count. Both by people who fly and by people who don't. The unspoken sentiment is: "It's okay if other people get abused, as long as I and my family don't." This is so disgusting a claim I can barely respond civilly to those who make it. I'd say they need to brush up on their Martin Niemoller, but why bother.

    I even have this argument in writing from some well-known journalists. I have their emails. I haven't revealed their names in public forums such as this yet because those words were written to me in private messages. I'm still chewing on the ethics of the whole thing. On the one hand I think it's important that people know what our supposedly "free" journalists really think, and how they buckle under to authority rather than challenge it -- and some of these people have expressed their sentiments publicly anyway -- but on the other hand, the emails weren't necessarily meant for public consumption. I don't know. I'm still thinking about it.
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  8. barbell

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    I think you're right to respect that privacy.

    The odd thing is that those same people apparently gleefully want to strip the rest of us of ours so they can keep theirs. That's OK: karma's a bitch.
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  9. Lisa Simeone

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    Ha, ha, touché! Indeed. The sad, bitter truth about human nature is that some people just don't learn until they're metaphorically smacked in the face (well, if the TSA is involved, it might be a literal rather than metaphorical slap). I know that those of my friends, family, and colleagues who pooh-pooh our concerns, who have no understanding of civil liberties, who are happily apathetic, will just have to experience the full wrath of the TSA themselves one day. That's the only way they'll learn. Pardon me if, at that time, my well of sympathy runs dry.
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