Naked scanners may soon be on the way out

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. Fisher1949

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    Under the amendment, introduced by Rep. Chip Craavack (R-Minn.), a former airline pilot, the Transportation Security Administration would have 90 days to install automated target recognition software on all AIT machines.

    I only caught a snippet on Federal news Radio this afternoon but I think this went through. I'll post if I find confirmation. Note that this says all AIT, so Rape-Scans will also have to have the ATR. Nothing about what happens if it isn't done after 90 days.

    Too bad he didn't add something for radiation testing, abusive gropings and strip searches. but at least its a start.

    (Apologies in advance if this is already elsewhere in the forum)
  2. RB

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    Even with ATR they are still an electronic Strip Search.

    Backscatter still emit X-rays of unknown strength.

    WTMD and ETD is all that is needed.
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  3. barbell

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    Based on all of the false positives we've seen from the ETD and their high affinity for common hand lotions, I'll agree, conditionally, to WTMD + ETD when they get an ETD that, you know, works.

    Otherwise, it is abundantly clear that whole body imaging, regardless of the type, has far too many false negatives. When you add in ATR it creates so many false positives as to prove wholly ineffective.

    As usual, TSA loves them some junk science. I wish the bill would address that. But I agree, at least it's a start.
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  4. N965VJ

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    I don't think ATR is ready for prime time, even by TSA standards of competence. On one hand I have an issue politicians try to legislate technology advances, but this may have the effect of more people opting out to start with, once they realize a grope will be needed anyway to resolve what the machine thought it saw.
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  5. Doober

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    This proposed legislation shows, at a minimum, that some in Congress are listening to their constituents. Just too bad that they didn't try to outlaw backscatter.
  6. Lisa Simeone

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    As long as they're still groping, I ain't flying. I don't care what kind of machines they use.
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  7. Caradoc

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    There is no way they can get a swab-based ETD to work without employees who understand the fundamentals of why they need to change their gloves and change the swabs between tests.

    So... it's going to be a while. A long while. Moreso when not even the TSA "trainers" understand this simple problem.
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