Naked woman arrested at Orlando Airport

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    From the "Pictures, please!" department, it appears that John Brennan has a kindred spirit of sorts in Florida ...

    Inquisitr: Naked Woman Reportedly Arrested At Orlando Airport

    A naked woman was arrested for hanging around Orlando International Airport on Friday afternoon, according to the folks at Fox News. After being spotted wandering around the first level of the airport, the woman and her birthday suit were wrangled by police and taken into custody.

    In order to make sure that she isn’t stark raving mad or high on some sort of illegal drug, the naked woman has been taken to Florida Hospital East for observation under the state’s Baker Act. Her name has been withheld from the public. Presently, it’s unclear why the 50-year-old woman was hanging around the airport or why she decided to leave her clothes in the parking garage.

    The Orlando Sentinel reports that the naked woman arrive at the Orlando airport around 1 pm. Not surprisingly, it didn’t take long for people to spot the nude lady wandering around. Before long, police and security were flooded with calls about the naked woman.

    “Our dispatch calls kind of lit up,” Orlando police Lieutenant Gary Hayes explained. “She said something about Jesus making her do it.”
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    Orlando Sentinel: Naked woman turns heads at Orlando International Airport

    A naked woman caused a bit of a stir Friday at Orlando International Airport before police took her to a hospital for a mental-health evaluation, authorities said. The woman arrived in a taxi about 1 p.m., said Carolyn Fennell, an airport spokeswoman. Witnesses immediately began to call police to report her. "Our dispatch calls kind of lit up," Orlando police Lt. Gary Hayes said. The woman, in her 50s, took off her clothing at the entrance to a parking garage, he said. "She said something about Jesus making her do it," Hayes said.

    Fox News: Naked woman taken into custody at Orlando airport

    A woman "in the buff" was taken into custody at Orlando International Airport (OIA) early Friday afternoon, MyFoxOrlando reports. The unidentified female was spotted on the first level of the busy airport and then taken into police custody and transported to an area hospital for observation. Details and reasons behind this incident of airport nudity are still unclear.
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    So....did they still pat her down and send her through the scanner?
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