United States Nappy says border remains secure, GAO says not really

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    More bull:poop: from the rumored presidential material ...

    San Diego 6: DHS’s Napolitano says border remains secure, GAO says not really

    In what’s expected to be a rubber stamp tour, Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano, told a group of reporters in San Diego that the border is secure. “I just finished a helicopter tour of the border, followed by a roundtable with local law enforcement… We are committed to making sure that this sector as well as the entire southwest border remains secure.”

    Despite the Secretary’s rosy border security portrait, a fact she neglected to disclose is Border Patrol’s apprehension numbers rose 9 percent in 2012. While the PEW Research Center has reported illegal immigration has slowed, coinciding with the sluggish U.S. economy, another figure most reports fail to highlight is Border Patrol only apprehends 60 percent of illegal aliens crossing into America, allowing 40 percent to escape detection.

    When asked by this reporter about the 60/40 percent apprehension numbers at the press conference, Secretary Napolitano replied, “Well I say we can all play numbers games, (but) this isn’t about a numbers game, it’s about what people can see on the border, particularly people like myself and the many people here with me, people who live here. It’s about recognizing that our overall immigration system when it works, border security works, because more people can lawfully cross through the ports and we can tell the difference. The difference is palpable.”

    Yet the “palpable” or obvious numbers with which Napolitano wants to quibble came from a Government Accountability Report (GAO). The report also illustrated that the Obama administration has failed to evaluate Border Patrol’s security measures over the past two years, effectively, rendering any recordable metric data to determine if the border is secure unreliable.

    While Secretary Napolitano meets with the law enforcement agencies with a vested interest in the “secure” border report, people “on the ground” report a different perspective.

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    First step on an illegal immigrant amnesty plan is to declare the border is secure. Bama gave the call to nappy knowing he it would rubber stamp it.
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    As of last week, these signs were still posted at the Sonoran Desert National Monument, more than eighty miles from the Mexico border.

    "Secure?" The border is to "secure" as the TSA's "Behavioral Detection" is to "scientific."
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    All congress is looking for is an excuse to do wide sweeping amnesty for illegal aliens.


    Senate Plan Would Let Napolitano Trigger Citizenship for Illegals

    What we have are certain legislators meeting in secret with a clear attempt to hoodwink the public and violate the will of the majority of citizens. This isn't how government is suppose to operate and these "Gang of Eight" assholes should be voted out of office.
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