National warning on TSA thefts

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    Just the type of news that needs to circulate ahead of the Christmas travel season ...

    News 4 Jax: National warning on TSA thefts

    Research shows that between May 2003 to December 2011, 381 TSA agents were terminated for theft. In just the last year, the FAA received reports of missing items from 206 people.​


    "What travelers need to be aware of is if you don't have to pack it or check it underneath the plane, carry it with you," Jefferson said. "If it's something light like a laptop or an iPad or something like that, those are the most popular items that are being stolen."​
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  2. Except, your iPads and laptops aren't all that safe if you carry them with you, and have to leave them in open sight while you get ogled and roughed up by the checkpoint TSA.

    I was hoping this was an article in which Canada or somewhere was issuing a travel advisory for their citizens about the dangers of traveling in the USA.
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