Nature's Way of Weeding Out the Stupid (Darwin Candidates)

Discussion in 'What's On Your Mind?' started by Mike, Jun 13, 2011.

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    But if he spawned prior to the incident all he can get is an honorable mention.
  7. RB

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    I understand how one gains admittance to the darwin awards group, but this kid only blasted one testicle.
  8. Mike

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    ... plus the delivery mechanism. :D
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    This story has been making the rounds on various EMS forums and blogs... needless to say the comments range from sad to comical to rib splitting hilarious. Ill see if I can screen cap and post them here.

    RB: I think this kid would be on the "at risk survivor" list at minimum

    Mike: I just shot a cherry Dr Pepper all over my screen reading that. Touche and well played sir well played.
  10. Frank

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    Well, he could always get a strap-on...
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    Natural Consequences are a Good Thing.

    I've never read this thread, because I'm not a big fan of making fun of stupid people. That being said, Mike's comment was hilarious.

    Another thread on this board has forced me to examine how I feel about existing in a reality which features natural consequences, including poor outcomes for poor choices.

    All things considered, I'm a fan of natural consequences. If you insist on being stupid, or worse, stupid and unethical, you should face unpleasant consequences. Sometimes those consequences can be fatal. It doesn't mean I want anyone to suffer or die, nor does it mean I believe anyone deserves to suffer and die. It just means that I appreciate the benefits derived from a reality that includes correlations between bad choices and bad outcomes.

    When poor outcomes occur in a random fashion, (as they often do), this apparent chaos induces feelings of helpless terror in every mortal who is made aware of these incidents. Most of the time poor outcomes occur as a result of poor choices, and these examples act as reassuring guidance for everyone blessed with common sense. I prefer guidance to terror. I may not like limits, but I prefer limits to chaos.

    Long live the Darwin awards, even if squeamish people like me decline to read them most of the time.
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  12. TravelnMedic

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    I bet hes shooting blanks now as the other one probably sustatined trauma as well.

    Welcome to what I see every shift as a Paramedic or as a nice little tagline that has become popular .... Natural Selection Intervention Specialist (NSIS).

    BTW what makes the Darwin award list is santized for the most part. I know of several that never made the award list due to the carnage.
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    Back in the days of Usenet (geezer alert!) my Organization was...

    Darwin Prevention Society. We keep evolution from happening.
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    I may be on the younger side, but I still remember usenet. LOL DPS gotta love it.
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    Since he's still alive & hospitalized maybe I should have posted it in the "Too Stupid to Be Alive ..." thread?

    Whatever ...
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    I have to say, maybe he was simply trying to warm up some? You know, cool night air and all that rot?
  18. Mike

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    Apparently not deceased just yet, but this guy is well on track for a memorable exit ...

    Louis Helmburg III​
    Rocket Man​

    West Virginia Register: Marshall U. dismissed from bottle-rocket-shot-out-of-anus lawsuit (June 12 2013)

    Louis Helmburg III sued the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity Inc. of Huntington, W.Va.; Richmond Property Group Ltd.; Travis Hughes, the man who attempted to shoot the bottle rockets; Marshall University Board of Governors; and Marshall University Interfraternal Council after he was injured when he attended a fraternity party on May 1, 2011.

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