Navy F/A-18 jet crashes into building in Virginia Beach

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  1. Lisa Simeone

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    Navy F/A-18 jet crashes into building in Virginia Beach
  2. RB

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    Reports of no fatalities is encouraging.
  3. Rugape

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    According to some of the reports I have seen/heard this was a major accomplishment to dump as much fuel and get as far as they did. It is conflicting right now, some are saying they had mechanical as soon as they cleared the runway, and some are saying that it happened closer to the impact zone. I find the no fatalities to be a minor miracle, sad that those folks lost their homes and that some were injured, but no fatalities is almost unrealistic. Those guys bailed with their feet almost dragging the ground too, the whole thing is surreal.
  4. RB

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    Navy pilots seem ready to stay with their aircraft until the last possible moment trying to manage a bad situation. I have known some that waited to long and ejected to late or stayed with the plane all the way to the ground trying to maneuver to a non populated site. I believe that the F-18 has what's called a zero/zero seat so waiting to long in that aircraft would be when the aircraft impacts something.

    Also being reported in the news is that it was a student pilot and an instructor. While that is true the student was a "winged" pilot having already completed basic pilot training, Advanced Strike Fighter training, and was being qualified in the F-18. No way of knowing how much time he had in the F-18.
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