Neighborhood Resident Stands Up To ID Roadblock

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    On July 11, 2013, police in Albemarle County, Virginia setup a roadblock to check ID's in a residential neighborhood after the police allegedly received several complaints from the public regarding speeding in the area. One resident of the neighborhood directly affected by the heavy-handed police response, refused to comply with requests to show his ID while being seized at the roadblock and was threatened with arrest. After passing through the roadblock, he responded by making a sign warning other motorists about the police roadblock ahead and stood curbside holding it for all to see.
    My thanks go out to Mr. Joe Draego for exercising his rights and making a stand while warning his neighbors about the suspicionless enforcement actions being directed against them by the police.
    A few links to online articles regarding the incident appear below:
    Alb. Co. Man Refuses To Show ID At Traffic Checkpoint
    One-man stand: Albemarle man resists police ID checkpoint
    Police provocateur: Man says 'no' to license checkpoint

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