Nevada Man Charged with Lewd Acts on Plane

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    Ewww! :td:

    8 News Now: Nevada Man Charged with Lewd Acts on Plane

    A 63-year-old Nevada man is facing federal charges after being accused of committing lewd acts on an airplane. U.S. Attorney John Walsh said Monday that Daniel Drinan of Reno was arrested Saturday night at Denver International Airport after passengers complained he had unbuttoned his pants while watching pornography. Prosecutors allege that his genitals were totally exposed when a flight attendant told him to "put his pants back together." Drinan was on Southwest Flight 1998 en route from Baltimore-Washington International Airport to Denver International Airport. He was arrested after the flight landed.
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    RB Founding Member spanking the monkey on Southwest now. How dare they!
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    It's always been my opinion that the Mile High Club membership is mostly urban myth. Trying to join by yourself doesn't count, though! :eek::p
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    saw a bumper sticker once: Pilots do it with their own joystick.
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    Don't be surprised if he is soon hired by the TSA for a supervisory position.

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