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    About 7 weeks ago, my daughter brought home a 3/4 dead 2-week old kitten. She got it to the vet and on all sorts of meds. He recovered but was left totally blind - not even any reaction to a light shined directly in his eye. He has kitten herpes and his eyelids have fused over his eyeball.

    Louis is now 9+ weeks old and is a total joy. He is such a happy little boy and he gets around the house with no problems. The dogs all know to leave him alone but two of them get a bit uptight when he decides he wants to play with their tails.

    It's amazing to watch him learn to maneuver around. Every once in a while he bumps into something but for the most part he navigates beautifully. Over the last couple of days, we have had several boxes on the floor in the living room. It took him no time at all to learn his way around them. Then, of course, the boxes became something new to play with - running around and around and between them.

    If I leave one room to go to another, he's right behind me; he doesn't skip a beat.

    The only thing he has an issue with is height and getting down from high places. He can climb anything but then he has difficulty figuring out how to get back down. He doesn't jump, which is understandable, as he doesn't have a clue as to where he is in relation to the floor. He climbs to the top of the baby gate which keeps the dogs out of the bathroom in which he is now living, but then he just sits there and cries "get me off of here!" I'm trying to teach him to go down backwards, but so far I've not had much luck. We also have to start working on how to negotiate the stairs.

    A friend stopped over the other day while Louis was charging around the living room. He was stunned when we told him the cat is totally blind - until we showed him the cat's eyes, he didn't believe us.

    Obviously, intellectually I understand that his other senses take over for his loss of vision, but he's still truly inspirational.
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    My mother in law has a little Shih Zhu mix that went completely blind at the age of 9, she is the same way, follows you and when she gets turned around, she will simply stop and listen, then work her way back to the areas wehre she knows her way around. When it first happened, we kept telling her we were going to wrap her head in bubble wrap so she wouldn't hurt herself, but now she has had some time and has settled down, and knows where her things are and gets around really well. All of our pets are like children to us, they have individual personalities and make our lives 10 times better. We rescued all of our pets from either a shelter or (in the case of our big dog) under a trailer where the owners weren't taking care of them, or (in the case of our middle dog) from a series of abusive homes. The last few we have saved all came from a shelter in a very economically depressed section of NC, and we have loved everyone of them. I hope you enjoy Louis as much as I have enjoyed all of ours! Thank you for the great story!

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