New numbers from Germany - cost and failure rates

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    Timely news in a week where some of us are paying a little more and working a little longer, and may be rather sensitive to spending at the moment... Sorry, I'm a little jetlagged and am paraphrasing much of the article this time.

    The test of the bodyscanner at HAM cost over one million Euro. Cost for two machines from L3 was round 548,000 Euro, and the cost for personnel was another 587,000.

    Here we have some figures which may be of interest:

    According to the ministry, 49 percent had an 'unnecessary alarm' due to pleats or sweat, while an additional five percent had a 'real' false alarm. In more than half the cases (whether 'unnecessary' or 'real') the technology failed.
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    according to anecdotal reports from flyers, up to 75% of passengers going through the ATR machines deployed here are being touched after the scan. so the German numbers appear to be much lower than what is actually happening "in the field".
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    Maybe we don't have as much of an obsession with touching? Or can practice some common sense and realise that not everything is a weapon/danger?

    I have no idea...
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    If I were you folks, I'd be requesting my 3500 tons of gold RIGHT NOW to be returned from New York back to Germany, and would be looking for another reserve currency. This place is full of and run by crazy people.
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