New TSA Policy: Ordering Travelers To “Freeze” On Command?

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Monica47, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. Monica47

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    If you thought the bizarre power trip behavior of the TSA couldn’t get any crazier – think again. According to a friend of political commentator Lew Rockwell, the federal agency is now ordering travelers passing through security to “freeze” on command.

    We heard a “freeze, freeze” or something like this coming from the output side of (false) security (where my wife was), followed by further barking of commands. From where I was, I couldn’t see much.”
    “It turns out they were doing a new drill. They want all passengers to freeze on command. My wife told me later that she didn’t follow this order fast enough, so the subsequent barks I heard were directed at her.”​
  2. Lisa Simeone

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    Not new. This idiocy has been going on for years. I wrote about it at the Cogblog a year or two ago, will have to go dig it up.
  3. Lisa Simeone

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  4. FaustsAccountant

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    And if they were to try that playground game on me, I would emit a mighty fart sound.
    ( i know what you're thinking. YES, girls do fart.)
  5. Mike

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    Better known as their "bravo sierra" drill. They've been doing this stupidity for years. Emotionally most of them are barely past playing "cowboy & Indians" or "combat" in their back yards (in some cases restricted to the sandbox), so this charade comes quite naturally to their developmentally stunted psyches.

    It's important to remember that they have no powers of detention, so you're free to keep walking.

    If you've cleared and are headed to your gate, proceed to your gate.

    If you're already leaving, keep leaving.

    If you're in line waiting to clear, then you're stuck. If there are other lines at your airport, you can pick up your stuff & leave; I'd suggest announcing rather loudly, "I'm going to another checkpoint where the lazy bastards are working."
  6. Doober

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    I believe that even the Boob has stated that passengers are not required to participate in the games.
  7. Lisa Simeone

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    Slave training.
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  8. Elizabeth Conley

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    You're not legally required to play this game. It's demeaning. Don't play.
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    Had this happen at LAX 2 years ago before the whole TurkeyGropeAThon. On this day when this happened I had been up for better part of 30 hours (international medical mission) and on the go for 2 days, and not in the mood for any BS.

    I refuse to play this bull:poop: game and kept walking and they started to yell at me for which I gave them a gesture of their collective IQs and I told them to "FOAD" loud enough the whole terminal heard me. A 2 striper waddled (literally) after me and told me to stop, and I repeated "FOAD" and " you have no authority to make those demands". Made a move to grab me for which I did a quick about face and got right in the fat asses (60" waistline at least) face and screamed "Go ahead tubby touch me see what happens... I double dog dare you!" Light bulb must have gotten some power in that idiots head and he just turned around and left. I turned and went in the Admirals Club.

    That wasn't the end about 20 mins later there was a LAX PD officer (another LE agency I really don't care for) that came in the AC looking for me (one tends to standout in a flightsuit with a backpack with medical symbols and reflective tape, and a helmet bag) because the smurfs complained about getting his feelings all butt hurt. The cop told me to knock it off as there just doing there job, which got my eyes rolling along with YHGTBFKM. The cop did say he looked at the CC tape and complimented me on my restraint at stopping at yelling at the idiot. Cop was hoping the smurf would have put a hand just to see what would have happened.

    Its a matter of time, when it does. TSA cant say the writing wasn't on the wall...Terminal anal glaucoma will do that!
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