New Tumblr Site Shows Cops Not as Terrified of Camera as Initially Perceived

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    Take a photo of a cop and you likely will end up in jail.
    But now we learn that cops actually like to have their photos taken.
    But only if they do it themselves, so they can post it on a new Tumblr site called Cop Selfies.
    The site was just launched Thursday but has already generated almost 30 photos of cops from various departments and countries, including the one above that apparently is of a New Orleans cop at a gun range.
    It seems to have been inspired by an incident in Australia where a cop got in trouble for posting a photo of himself flexing his muscles in front of a mirror to the internet where it went viral.
    According to an Australian news site:
    The officer, from Queensland’s metropolitan south region, took a photograph of himself while flexing his muscles in his laundry mirror.
    It was later posted on an image sharing site.
    But the picture was picked up by other police officers, who went on to berate him over the picture for “disgracing” the service.
    It is understood young officers are becoming increasingly image conscious, with many taking their police shirts to tailors to have the sleeves shortened or taken in.
    The constable is being investigated for allegedly violating police policies on the use of social networking sites.​
    Some police departments in this country also have policies restricting officers from posting photos of themselves on the internet, but I’m not sure to what extent that goes.
    As far as I’m concerned, they should have the same right as all of us to post photos of themselves for the internet.
    It not only shows a more humanistic side to them (not all of them are like the one above).
    It just might make them a little less afraid of the camera.
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