New York Man Charged For JetBlue Groping

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    Seatmate from (expletive deleted) ...

    The Smoking Gun: New York Man Charged For JetBlue Groping

    A New York City man flying cross country with his 12-year-old son allegedly put his hand underneath the skirt of a sleeping female passenger and massaged her thigh, an act he later defended by telling the victim, “It’s not like I molested you. It’s not like I stuck my finger in your pussy or grabbed your tits.”


    After being groped, the woman told investigators she left her seat in tears and returned just before landing at JFK. Though she did not initially tell authorities or airline workers about the April incident, the woman later e-mailed JetBlue and contacted New York police.

    When questioned by investigators, Zorse claimed that he believed the female passenger was “flirting with him, telling him he was attractive and he was a good father,” adding that he felt he had “bonded” with her. While copping to placing his hand on the woman’s leg for “approximately 30 seconds,” Zorse denied placing his hand up her skirt. He did acknowledge, however, that he “could have said something like ‘It’s not like I stuck my finger up your pussy or grabbed your tits,’” according to the probable cause statement.
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    I hope that this scum bags lawyer makes comparisions to TSA procedures as this could really put pissy and nappy in a bad light and make them dance and backpeddle.

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