New York: Start Snitching, Or Go To Jail

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    It's more complex than what Frank's title suggests.

    The accused is a legitimate software developer who licenses gambling software only to foreign customers where gambling is legal. Many customers are brokers who resell access on time-sharing systems to smaller vendors. There's a possibility that some of those venders might be back in the U.S. where their activities could be illegal.

    New York prosecutors are trying to coerce him into installing a backdoor access in his system, and they then except him to use that to hack into his customers' systems and steal their customers login names and passwords. Such activity would complete illegal in those countries and would leave him wholly exposed for any criminal or civil liability in those countries and probably exposed to civil liability in the U.S. as well.

    To badger him into it, they secured an indictment and sent out a 30-man SWAT team to do their thing.

    The Wired article is really an eye opener & worth a read. Some American prosecutors are really out of control.
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    I have to respect the victim in this case. I've noticed that informants tend to be lowlifes. This guy is no lowlife. He, his family and his business is really being put through the wringer over this.

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