New York Times: ‘Is This the Pose of a Free Man?’ [Editorial]

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    Much more in the middle, it's a rather lengthy opinion piece ...

    New York Times: ‘Is This the Pose of a Free Man?’ [Editorial]

    On the Sunday before the Republican convention, Senator Rand Paul ranted against his least favorite government bureaucracy: The Transportation Security Administration. Addressing a crowd at the University of South Florida, he mimicked the backscatter-machine stance (arms up in the air, legs apart) and asked “Is this the pose of a free man?”

    Outside the Paul family, I doubt many Americans subscribe to the idea that airport security lies on the road to serfdom. But Mr. Paul’s vendetta against the TSA has some merit. Nearly 11 years since its establishment, there’s plenty of evidence that the TSA is inefficient, and if not ineffective, at least less effective than it should be.

    The House Subcommittee on Transportation Security released a report on Monday that calls TSA operations “in many cases costly, counterintuitive, and poorly executed.


    Whether airport security personnel work for taxpayers or privately owned businesses seems, to this liberal, beside the point—although perhaps Rand Paul will feel more like a free man if the screener telling him to spread his legs doesn’t depend on government-run health care.

    Clearly, though, it’s worth changing the TSA’s approach. And luckily the byword in security circles sounds almost as good to Republican ears as privatization: Israel. Instead of banning beauty products, the Israelis focus on intelligence. Instead of removing passengers’ shoes, they interview them. Their technique isn’t cheap, but at least it’s logical, and no plane leaving Israel’s international airport has ever been hijacked.
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    From the article:

    that is open to debate. If he was a man he would not have participated in the development, testing, and deployment of machines that stripped people naked in the view of some pervert hiding in a booth.
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