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  1. My husband is a Ron Paul delegate at the state convention this weekend. There are a LOT of Ron Paul delegates, and they are threatening to unseat the old-boy mainstream chairman of the party, which is a very good thing. Lots of tension, apparently, and the old-boy republican types are scrambling to maintain their power.

    Here are a few things he has texted to me:

    -- Lisa Murkowski is scheduled to give a speech tomorrow. After running against the legitimately elected republican senate candidate (Joe Miller) and essentially purchasing the election, she should be persona non grata within the republican party. The Ron Paul delegates are leading an effort which will have close to half of the delegates standing up and turning their backs on her during her speech.
    -- The judiciary committee passed a resolution calling for an end to the drug war. The mainstream republicans are LIVID! :D I believe this changes the official platform of the state republican party.
    -- They also passed a resolution calling for the abolishment of the TSA. Not sure if anybody's really livid about that one.

    The chair of the party is apparently going around with an armed guard. An overreaction, maybe, but there are two old Ron Paul groupies from 2008 who are now serving time for weapons misconduct, domestic violence, and manslaughter, so maybe he's afraid there's a sleeper crazy amongst the Ron Paul people. I doubt it though -- they just want him out of his position.

    I'll keep you posted; the convention goes through Sunday.
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  3. So, I got the full story on these things when he got home.

    First, the resolutions. End to drug war, abolish the TSA, and another one to censure Lisa Murkowski (!) were all passed, which means, now, the full convention will be voting on these things to see if they become an official part of the republican party platform. Apparently Ron Paul delegates are 47-55% of the delegates, so they are all likely to pass, except maybe the drug war one. But we'll see.

    Next, that Lisa Murkowski speech was actually last night. The Ron Paul people decided, instead of turning their backs, that a certain lady named Rita would get up and interrupt her speech to verbally censure Murkowski, and the Ron Paul people would all stand up in their seats in support. WELL! Rita got up and started her speech, and the wrath of the mainstream republicans came down on her -- yelling, fist shaking, surrounding her. At one point a state trooper grabbed her wrist, as though threatening to arrest her. Meanwhile, my husband became aware that there were nine cop cars waiting down on the street, as though expecting to storm the place. All this while Murkowski is just giving her speech, as though nothing is going on! So there are threats of arrest for Rita, who has her husband and some people defending her, and she's threatening to press charges of assault against the state trooper who grabbed her wrist. I can't remember how it all resolved, but tensions were indeed high in there. Then some senator from somewhere else got up to give a little pro-Murkowski speech for some reason, and he got majorly booed.

    There was also another crazy thing -- apparently a couple days ago somebody sent an email, allegedly from a Ron Paul supporter, to a whole bunch of people there, though none of the top Ron Paul leaders. It said that the Ron Paul people needed to lie, cheat, steal, do whatever they had to to get what they wanted out of the convention. During the opening remarks from Governor Sean Parnell (who I thought was a little better than this), he actually brought up this letter and how bad it was, and how only Gingrich, Santorum, and Romney were respectable candidates. My husband tracked down somebody with a copy of this email, and the funny thing was, nobody recognized the name on it, and it was sent from a phony Ron Paul campaign domain name! Like, instead of being from, it was from, or something like that. Nobody could find any other instance of this domain name.

    So that was how the convention started, on a very combative note. And then the Rita thing and the resolutions. Today is the day they do all the voting. I'm sure there will be lots more drama!
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    That's a lot of drama!!!
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    Domain names in emails are easily spoofed.

    Did they examine the detailed headers in the email? Unless an anonymizer is used, IP addresses should lead to or even identify the exact source of the email.

    This could lead to other interesting repercussions, e.g. if it was sent from a gov't computer or a Democratic campaign HQ or [insert endless entertaining possibilities here] ?
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    Probably came from an IP owned by the Treasury department.
  7. Good questions! I don't know if anybody looked into it any further, and I hope they do.

    The final results were pretty positive for the Ron Paul camp. Ron Paul people are now holding most of the important positions. A Ron Paul guy got elected as the new chair! The old, now lame duck chair (the one who was going around with an armed guard) pulled some shenanigans at the end, though... First, when they went to vote on the resolution that would end the drug war (or it was possibly marijuana specific, I asked about the specifics and my husband couldn't tell me), there was a clear verbal vote supporting the motion. He said it was inconclusive, then had them do a standing vote, which was very clearly in favor of the motion, but he then ruled that it didn't pass anyway, and they couldn't muster 2/3 votes to overturn his ruling. Then he suddenly declared that they were out of time in their rented rooms at the Hilton and that the rest of the motions would have to be dealt with by some committee (forget which one). Good news is, that committee is now loaded with Ron Paul people, so the anti-TSA resolution has a very good shot at passing. I think a lot of regular republicans around here have gone sour on the TSA as well.

    Oh, and somebody decided they needed to apologize to Lisa Murkowski, and then she gave her speech again and got a standing ovation. :confused: But, I would think the message was sent about how people feel about her.

    There are some good wrap-up articles at the Alaska Dispatch, including a bit of an eye-rolling one about how the chair-elect guy said "God Prevailed" in him being elected. Okay. But if that's how he needs to explain it to himself, whatever. The good old boys still lost. (I was trying to link to those articles but I'm fighting with formatting today. It was going to get ugly. So if you're interested, go to the Alaska Dispatch)
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    They were all probably just thrilled...that her speech was finally over!;)

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