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    So my last political action against TSA was a letter regarding the ORD T1 molestation video sent to my federal & state senators & rep., one of which I'm re-sending due to addressing it to the wrong guy (protip: Federal and state district numbers don't always overlap. D'oh.).

    What I'm wondering is where to go next. There's a whole laundry-list of incidents of TSA wrongdoing but is that the best way to approach right now? If so, I'm happy to draft individual letters for each and every last abuse and bury my legislators in them to make sure the point gets across, but is there something else I should be focusing on? Attacking the BDO program, maybe doing a few newspaper op-eds? I know I said I'd do up a letter about the insulin-theft case. I dropped the ball on that one and I apologize, though I'm still happy to do it if it's still soon enough to have impact.

    I guess I'm feeling a bit lost at sea and while I (obviously) definitely want to keep at the TSA with everything I've got and a bit of energy I borrow if necessary, I also want to make sure it's directed properly and the SNR doesn't drop from what legislators would consider too high a count of letters. I don't mind being "That crazy Chicago TSA guy" as long as they listen, I just don't want it to be "It's from that crazy Chicago TSA guy, round-file it and send a form letter to shut him up."

    I know FetePerfection was compiling a list of media contacts. Should I mine that for resources? What about a way to get the TSA Abuse Master Lists better publicity?

    Help me avoid futility and strike the most damaging blows I can here. My mind, my indignation, my vocabulary and my keyboard are all willing but I'm not entirely sure where to point them.

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