NFL to adopt full-body "pat downs" at stadiums

Discussion in 'Civil Rights & Privacy' started by FetePerfection, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. KrazyKat

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    I disagree in part, echoing CP's concerns in #6,#7, because this is an opening for both the business tentacles of DHS and also public acceptance of being searched/scanned whatever and whenever.
    Because it is private it is almost worse because there are so many private spaces, like malls, beyond the reach of government protections of speech etc. There is a Federal nexus, however, if they get any DHS money for this.
    This will also cause huge delays getting in, which might prompt unforeseen problems from tailgaters who are primed and ready for the game. ;)
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    Of course, if angry tailgaters do get upset and cause a ruckus, that will just make things worse. The trouble with this c**p is that there's too much money to be made - there's no going back.
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    At the airport I'm less inclined to send a smurf to the ICU for a inappropriate pat down, as one i have somewhere to do (the threats don't bother me as I call there bluff every time), but I know of ways of making smurfs very uncomfortable without touching them and leaving them questioning just about everything about themselves.

    In general public said smurf would be meeting one or more of my fellow brothers and sisters on there ride to jail or the hospital as well as I'd be more likely to draw down on them and letting them know assault/battery/sexual assault are all justifiable reasons for immediate removal from the gene pool without repercussion (besides the whole grand jury process that would end in a "no bill").

    I sent godell a email and letter yesterday telling him that this was the last straw and that I would never attend another NFL event, between the :trash: refereeing, the charlie foxtrot the last superbowl turned into, and whining over paid no talent babies that throw a fit if they dont get there way. I also know of two suite owners that told Jerry Jones that they want a complete refund for all moneys remaining on there leases as well as "seat licenses" for breach of contract as they wont put up with (expletive deleted), and the comments made in regards to the TSA would make some here cheer other blush and these are people.

    I think Ill stick to more pure forms of the game, like middle school, high school and college football where the players are playing for the love of the game not for $$ and endorsements.
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    Excerpt from an op-ed in the NYT by David K. Shipler, June 23, 2011:

    Meh, Nuremberg Schmuremberg. What did he know.
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  5. barbell

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    But, but, you can't compare these people to Nazi's! They're just doing their jobs! :eek:

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    Actually, no comparison to the Nazis was intended (or is required). It's the statement about unwarranted search and seizure that I wanted to highlight. Jackson just happened to have made it at the Nuremberg Trials.
  7. Mike

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    The quote was attributed to Jackson in 1949, three years after the Nurembug trials. It just mentioned his role at Nuremburg as an aside.
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    Indeed. Thanks, Mike!
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    They are leaving out the area most used for weapons--the crotch. I think they want to get there, but are taking one step at a time. Or, maybe from the airport/TSA fiasco and blowback, this has been ruled out now.
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    What's going to be next? Gropings to enter the mall, hotel lobby, restaurants, etc...?!
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    Yep, although I suspect what we will actually see is "random" road blocks, checkpoints at bridges, tunnels.
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    That will be the day that I take up arms against the gubment, seriously!
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    1. Not yet. the heat has been turned on just a little under the pot...
    2. Do you get in if you don't submit?
    3. Gee, where have I heard that before...
    4. I don't. In our area, all of the shootings have taken place in the stadium parking lot. Maybe they need to frisk folks out there.
    5. What happens if they think they find something and there is nothing (thinking of Green Bay, who are using HHMD) and now you have to prove you have nothing on you....I think remove clothing is next.
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