No fly list: Baby, 18 months old, ordered off plane at Fort Lauderdale airport

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    The biggest problem is that if a passenger name is a match on the NFL, they do not get issued a boarding pass. These folks had their boarding passes and were all the way on the plane. The airline may not sound apologetic, but it is claiming that it was a computer glitch, so I am willing to take that at face value. If this truly were a TSA error, there would have been a bigger PR dump on this pushing it that way (from the airline and associated sources) - at least, that is the normal path things take.
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  3. Both of your posts in this thread are about how it's not TSA's fault, no comment on the humiliation that was dumped on these people by an alleged computer glitch, not to mention the loss of time, money, and whatever their plans were at their destination. It's all about institutional finger-pointing to you, not about the human cost of such (expletive deleted) institutions.

    TSA takes some responsibility in my book for maintaining a no-fly list that operates the way it does. If there wasn't a no-fly list to begin with, this wouldn't have happened.
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    The TSA carries as much if not more of the blame in this incident as the airline for the reasons you stated. No "No-Fly List", no computer glitch causing the airline to do this. Even if this were not a computer glitch, this would not have happened if there were not a "No-Fly List" because the airline would then have a (expletive deleted) of a time explaining this away and would lose a bundle of money in the following lawsuit. The "No-Fly List" gives more excuses than anything else. Like others have stated, if a person is so dangerous that the "representative" government is not going to allow them to fly, then prove it and press charges, apply for warrants, otherwise, leave this disgusting crap to 3rd world countries with dictators.
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    Get ready for denial of TSA involvement in No-Fly List in 3, 2, 1 . . . .

    Because yet another alphabet soup agency creates the No-Fly List: the Terrorist Screening Center, which is under the FBI. The TSA only "administers" it, whatever that means.

    With all this encouraged neighbor-spying-upon-neighbor and if you see something say something (expletive deleted), who can tell who's responsible for what? That makes it easier for everyone involved to deny responsibility and point the finger at someone else. Which is, of course, exactly what's going on.
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    A special screening program for terrorists before they fly? Hopefully they're working the kinks out of the body cavity searches before they roll them out for the rest of us.

    So now we have TSA & TSC -- did we miss TSB?
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    Given that TSA employees have been known to assault each other after the scanner "training," one can only hope they'll run into the same sorts of problems after practicing cavity searches on each other.
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    Sorry if that happens, the airlines will go bankrupt in mass. I still contend if i get patted down if im caused any pain, or sexually assaulted, theres gonna be a blue shirt MCI in short order.
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    I'm pretty sure the no fly list would exist with or without the TSA.
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    "Mom, can I practice the cavity search on you?"
    Mom: "Son, I'm so *sniff* proud of you following in my footsteps."

    (from the other thread)
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    In a lawsuit, the discovery process would be able to determine whether jet blue is blowing smoke or if indeed there was a valid NFL issue, and who raised it. To early to blame TSA or exonerate them on this.
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    My goodness. You want due process?! Who do you think you are?
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    Maybe. Assuming the judge didn't get a midnight caller telling them just how bad it would be for their career to even allow discovery for the NFL.
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