No-fly list (& torture) used to intimidate Muslim into becoming an FBI informant

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. Mike

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    MSNBC (18 Apr 2012): American seeks political asylum in Sweden, alleging torture, FBI coercion

  2. Mike

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    A similar case only a couple months earlier ...

    MSNBC (13 Feb 2012): 'No-fly' Americans split up for return home

    In other words, they forcibly separated him from his attorney ... The background:

  3. Mike

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    More background on the two who were stranded in Libya:

    MSNBC (3 Feb 2012): American aid worker in Libya: US bars my return

    MSNBC (10 Feb 2012): What gives? Another American in Libya no-fly limbo

    This is just outrageous -- American citizens abroad have a RIGHT to return to their country without being harassed in this manner. The FBI scum responsible for this should be PROSECUTED as well as sued.
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  4. Mike

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    Arrival home ...

    MSNBC (14 Feb 2012): Bittersweet homecoming for Libyan-American caught in no-fly limbo

    MSNBC (21 Feb 2012): 'No-fly' Muslim takes case to court of public opinion

    But the abuse didn't end with his return back to the U.S.:

    So in other words, CBP handed over his phone to the FBI for a warrantless search.

    As of 21 Feb. the attorney had yet another client still stranded overseas.
  5. Mike

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  6. Mike

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    So what can we find out about FBI (expletive deleted) named Horse & Brian Zinn? Maybe some neighbors can return the favor and turn their lives upside down just as they appear to have done for a number of American citizens and their families .

    Probably not much about Horse, but Brian Zinn? There are 3 men by the name of Brian Zinn in Washington, none in Oregon. If I can narrow it down, I'll post the details.
  7. Mike

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    A couple articles in the Portland Oregonian:

    Oregonian (20 Feb 2012): Mustafa Elogbi, Portland man whose return to the U.S. delayed by FBI, back home

    Oregonian (20 Feb 2012): Portland man Mustafa Elogbi home safe, but his family wants to know why the FBI blocked his return from Libya

    My bull:poop: detector is screaming on that one.
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    Glenn Greenwald has written about this stuff a lot. I used to post it at the Cogblog back in the day, but, of course, the Obamabots didn't want to hear it.

    Ditto most of my mailing list. I sent the Yonas Fikre story out to them last night. Big yawn.
  9. Fisher1949

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    This is an example of the "if it doesn't affect me I don't care" attitude most folks have. We've become a nation totally devoid of conscience or conviction.
  10. nachtnebel

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    Look at the family in the picture of that linked story. Terrorists? Looks like they have become a credit to their new country. We need a regime change in this country and we need to wash away the garbage that hides in the darkness hurting innocent people like this. If you have a case, press it in court. If you don't have a case, STFU and leave these people alone.

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