No-Fly List: Two other Americans (Enaam Arnaout & Samir Suljovic) currently stranded overseas

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    DHS continues its unconstitutional War on Muslims. Samir Suljovic of Oakland Gardens, Queens, New York, and Enaam Arnaout of Bridgeview, Illinois, are both stranded overseas.

    NBC New York: Queens Man Put on "No-Fly List" Stranded in Austria: For more thsn two weeks, Samir Suljovic has been stranded (Oct 19 2012)

    A 26-year-old Queens man was returning home from a trip to Austria when he was stopped at the airport and told by airline agents that the Department of Homeland Security had prohibited his travel.

    For more than two weeks, Samir Suljovic, of Oakland Gardens, has been stranded in Austria, where he was on vacation visiting friends and family.

    The Council on American Islamic Relations has stepped in, demanding answers, but so far they say the American Embassy, customs and homeland security have not provided any explanation for why Suljovic, who has no criminal history, can’t fly.

    Sacramento Bee: llinois man on no-fly list, stranded in Mideast (Oct 9 2012)

    An Islamic charity director who must return to the U.S. as a condition of federal probation says he is stranded in the Middle East because he is on the no-fly list.

    Enaam Arnaout received permission from a Chicago federal judge to travel to Saudi Arabia and Jordan to visit family. The permission came after he was released from a 10-year federal prison sentence in July 2010. The 50-year-old Arnaout is a Syrian-born U.S. citizen who lives in the Chicago suburb of Bridgeview. He pleaded guilty in 2003 to defrauding donors to his charity.
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    While some people are getting put on the No Fly List the doors to the White House under Obama is wide open for radical Muslims.

    A Red Carpet for Radicals at the White House


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