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    No security boost after Opera House appears in terror magazine

    Updated July 21, 2011 17:51:39
    [​IMG] Photo: The photo of the Opera House is on the same page that features a story on bomb making. (Mathew Tildesley: Audience submitted)

    Map: Sydney 2000
    New South Wales's top counter-terrorism officer says there is no need to increase security around the Opera House, despite an online Al Qaeda magazine featuring a photo of the Sydney icon.
    The photo is on the same page that features a story on bomb making.
    NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Peter Dein says it is hard to interpret what the photo is meant to do as the picture has been published without any written explanation.
    "There's no reference anywhere to the Opera House in Sydney but that's the purpose of the magazine," he said.
    "It's written in English, it's easy to read and it's there for the purpose of inciting, convincing, influencing someone who might be a bit vulnerable to think about committing... if they had the bad thoughts, about putting those bad thoughts into action.
    "[Or] it could be simply causing us or expecting us to take some definitive action in relation to extra security and to cause further disruption to the community. We don't need to do that."
    Mr Dean says he became aware of the photo on Tuesday, but is not concerned by any imminent terror threat.
    "What we are concerned about is what influence this particular magazine can have on the vulnerable people in our community who are likely to be influenced by this extremist rhetoric," he said.
    Attorney-General Robert McLelland says he has written to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) asking it to act on powers it has to remove the material.
    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has also weighed into the debate.
    "Obviously it's very important that our security and intelligence organisations remain vigilant and I have no reason to think that's not the case," he said.
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    Can you export that common sense to the States, please?
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    Yeah, like anyone in authority there would know what to do with it! We don't (yet - knock wood!) have a DHS to thrive on the exploitation of fear.

    (note to self - make a point of going to the Opera House this week...)
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    I think CBP would send it back where it came from :rolleyes:
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