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  1. It's not just about privacy, it's also about proper security procedures. I decided to refuse to walk through the scanner because I didn't know what is was. I travel a great deal and feel that the X-ray exposure from flying is more than enough, so I decli Ed to walk through the scanner. I said, I don't want to go through the X-ray, and the TSA personnel indicated that it was radio waves not an X-ray. I couldn't see any posted information regarding the machine, so I was not inclined to just trust them.
    I tried to wait to the side so that's could be patted down instead, and they wanted me to go ahead and send my things through the X-ray machine. I declined indicating that I did not want to send my things through to where I could not see them. They didn't appear to like that very much nor have any kind of procedure for getting me through security. I eventually had to give up and subject myself to the scan. Once I went through, they sounded surprised when someone said "she's clear!". Of course I'm clear you fools. Next I asked if they had information about the scanner and the TSA employee referred me to her manager in the booth I went over and asked if they had any information about the scan, and she condescendingly replied, "no".
    If you want people to comply have a process and accessible information!!!
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    They don't care about providing information; they care only about compliance.

    Power and control, power and control.
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    Aw, why do you want to make it so difficult for the TSA thugs to steal your stuff?
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    Welcome, 'Ticked off' and thanks for sharing your story. I encourage you to register and join us!

    I agree completely that they should provide more information. And I object to the use of the body scanners (both x-ray and MMW=radio) for a number of reasons, and I would opt out of either type. For your information in the future, though, the x-ray scanners consist of two big rectangular boxes that you stand between, while the MMW (radiowave) scanner is a round booth with glass doors. See the first post in this sticky thread for drawings and photos: List of airports with body scanners
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    Yet more TSA employees that are ignorant of what is on the TSA's own website :rolleyes: :

    ALWAYS watch your belongings as they advance through the x-ray equipment at the security checkpoints - for secondary screening, INSIST that your belongings be brought to you.

    I love the ALL CAPS, as if you have to yell at the screeners to get through to them. :p
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    Yelling wouldn't help. A clue-by-four to the head wouldn't help.

    You're talking about TSA employees, remember. This is a collective selected specifically for their resistance to clues. The average TSA employee couldn't catch a clue if they doused themselves in clue pheromones and performed the clue mating ritual in the middle of a field of rutting clues during clue mating season.
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    As we all know from abundant first-person testimony -- and personal experience -- they often don't let you watch your own belongings, they don't take kindly even to calm requests let alone "insisting," and they're usually the ones doing the yelling.
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