No kidding, Jose: EEOC investigates "favoritism & hostile work environment" @ TSA

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    TSA claims it has policies in place to prevent these abuses, yadayadayada ...

    Government Executive: Alleged TSA favoritism and hostile work environment under probe

    The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission will launch an evaluation of the Transportation Security Administration’s work environment after complaints of hostility and poor management, EEOC announced.

    The federal anti-discrimination agency will conduct its own investigation following an October report from the Homeland Security Department’s inspector general. DHS is TSA’s parent agency. The report showed “rampant” workplace favoritism and a failure to properly handle EEO complaints.

    EEOC assisted in the DHS IG investigation but has decided to conduct its own evaluation in light of the auditors’ findings.

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    They really need a new line. They've worn this one out on pax abuses and thefts.
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    Washington Times: EEOC launches probe of TSA ‘hostile work environment’

    The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is investigating the Transportation Security Administration for creating a “hostile work environment,” according to Tuesday media reports.

    The Hill reports the TSA is alleged to have fostered this environment for minorities and women in 2010. One of the claims: TSA officials allowed a “Jeopardy-style game” that contained offensive categories, according to the report.


    In 2010, according to Federal Daily, the EEOC upheld a judge’s ruling in favor of a former TSA worker who complained of unfair treatment — and ultimately, firing — due to his disability. Then, the plaintiff was awarded $150,000 in damages.

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    Passengers never get these kinds of awards for their mistreatment. Maybe Ms. Hebshi will reverse that trend.

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