No little green men are landing in Berlin

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in Other Countries' started by exbayern, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. exbayern

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    And no naked scanners either!

    Report from the test activities at the new Berlin Willy Brandt airport (I would really have enjoyed participating based on various reports)

    The entire article is interesting (especially the last bit which made me chuckle; busses were supposed to play the role of aircraft so passengers would 'board' and be 'flown' to their destination, but the busses didn't arrive for unknown reasons)

    However, as anticipated, there is also this gem:

    Nacktscanner gibt es keine

    No naked scanners.
  2. Mike

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    Is the new airport open now? Lack of a direct rail connection was bit of a hassle at TXL although the bus to HBF & walk across the river was always a great intro to Berlin.

    I love Berlin, wish TSA would go away so I could fly again.
  3. exbayern

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    It opens in June. TXL alwasy reminds me of MCI with the security at the gate area (well, except that the TXL security is far more polite and kind than the contract security at MCI)

    I'm really interested to see how it changes the dynamics of the city with the airports having closed/moved (similar to MUC). Many long term residents on both sides of the city are not happy with the changes in the past decade, but now that most of the construction is 'complete' (HA! - it is never ending) I find it a wonderful city. But I really cannot judge as it isn't 'my' city, and I understand their sadness at seeing the past changed so much. Then again, I think that they have done a somewhat good job of combining old and new and remembering the past century, good and bad and very bad.

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